15+ Best Movies For Happy Single Ladies

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15+ Best Movies For Happy Single Ladies

Here’s a little something for the happy single ladies out there!

Contrary to popular opinion, being single on Valentine’s day is only a little bit annoying but not lonely AT ALL.

You can choose what to eat, what to do and you do not have to share popcorn with anyone. The best part? YOU GET TO CHOOSE THE MOVIE. And you get to watch it with no one being grumpy and sulking about the movie choice.

We have here a list of great movies to watch especially on Valentine’s day. While everyone’s going out and professing their love, you get to stay in – no bra, no pyjamas, no need to wash your hair! Hairy legs? WHO CARES!

Here are 15 Best Movies For The Happy Single Ladies!

1. How To Be Single

A film about taking risks, learning to embrace being single and creating relationships in the city that never sleeps. PS. This movie is great because – REBEL WILSON. That’s why.

2. The Devil Wears Prada

A fun and interesting film about Andy who lands a job as an assistant to Miranda Priestly, the EIC of a high fashion magazine. It’s a story about dreams and aspirations and the price you pay for success.

3. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Mia (and her roller coaster of emotions) tries to decide on what’s the best for her, her grandmother and for Genovia. Her journey to becoming Queen is extremely entertaining AND empowering.

4. Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love is probably the best movie to watch when you’re single. Liz Gilbert’s story is all about embracing and learning to experience life to the fullest alone. Yes! You can eat well, pray deeply and love yourself. She had several relationships that didn’t work out which became one of her reasons to embark on a mission to self-discovery.

5. Sex and The City

Who else here loves Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda? Sex and the City is such an engaging movie. The clothes, the style, the hair, the city and the girls! They’re all beautiful, motivated and each of the character has their own spice. Each of the girls lead a life of their own whether they’re dating, married or in a relationship and it’s empowering to see women who would never bat an eyelash when it comes to their self worth.

6. Elizabeth

If you’re into history then this one is a great movie to watch. It’s about Queen Elizabeth I and her reign. From a naive girl she grew up to be an intelligent strategist who went against tradition and refused to listen to her advisers who consistently urged her to get married. Moral of the story? YOU DON’T NEED A HUSBAND TO BE QUEEN.

7. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

A friendship maintained and connected through a pair of jeans that weirdly fits all four friends! The pants travelled all the way to Mexico and Greece bearing stories and new experiences.

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Great Movies Single Ladies Will Absolutely Love!
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8. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and 2

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Kill Bill 1 and 2 is a movie you shouldn’t miss! One of the most unforgettable female revenge movies out there.

9. Frozen 

I included Frozen on this list not because the songs stuck on me for months, but because the movie has such a unique ending. It emphasised on the unconditional love between sisters and didn’t focus much on romantic relationships.

10. Mulan

If Mulan becoming hero of China doesn’t make you feel good about being an independent woman then I don’t what else can!

11. The Blind Side

Prepare your tissues because this is going to make you cry so hard! This one is based on a true story and Sandra Bullock just nailed it!

12. Girls Trip

These girls will make your day! Girls Trip is one cheeeeekyyy movie. It’s hilarious and you’re set to have lots of laughs!

13. Spy

Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper is hilarious and extremely funny! I loved her outfits, too! She looks glam and being a SPY fits her – even with all the mishaps!

14. The Other Woman

Three women fooled by one man. Things got much more interesting when the three of them met.

15+ Best Movies For Happy Single Ladies | Stay At Home Mum
Great Movies Single Ladies Will Absolutely Love!
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15. Brave

Ok I totally admit to being a Disney gal – don’t judge me! I’ve watched almost all of the Disney movies and another one on my empowering female character list is Merida. Brave is such a breath of fresh air. One look at Merida and you know she isn’t going to be like the other Disney princesses. If you’re someone like me, who rarely brushes her hair and sports a resting bitch face most days, then you’ll totally relate to her, too!

16. Encanto

Here’s a movie that will pretty much entertain everyone! It’s funny, colorful, contains so many lessons and you’ll looove all the female characters. You might experience strong LSS symptoms days or even weeks later.

Oh and PS. Get some tissues ready! Some parts will hit you right through the soul.

15+ Best Movies For Happy Single Ladies | Stay At Home Mum

I hope we gave you enough ideas…

Enjoy Valentine’s day, gorgeous girl! x

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