13 Ways To Indulge In Some ‘Me Time’ On Valentine’s Day

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13 Ways To Indulge In Some ‘Me Time’ On Valentine’s Day

13 Ways To Indulge In Some ‘Me Time’ On Valentine’s Day

Women are guilty of it. Young, old, single, in a relationship or married….

We all deprive ourselves of me time.

The list of priorities is high. And doing something nice for ourselves tends to sit firmly at the bottom. It may be a lack of time or lack of money. Or, and a common one for single mums and ‘husband works away’ mums, not being able to escape the confines of your home.

Now, don’t despair, there are plenty of ways to get your hit of girly treats, without crossing the threshold of your front door! Think of it, you don’t need to put on pants. You don’t have to look for a spot to park your car – you don’t even have to drive!

These are fabulous ideas to enjoy February 14 and to make sure the day is memorable for you ladies out there – with or without a partner!

1. Have a Skype night with friends!

It’s not just for sensible work calls! Skype is a great way to socialise from the comfort of your home. Simply arrange a time with your mate, ideally when the kids are in bed. Grab the wine and some of your fav snacks and dial away. I watched the whole royal wedding whilst on Skype to my cousin in the UK. We even wore colanders on our heads for our wedding hats.

2. Have a solo spa session

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13 Ways To Indulge In Some ‘Me Time’ On Valentine’s Day

Can’t get to the spa? Bring the spa to your home. Treat yourself to a bath bomb and face pack. Run yourself a luxurious bubble bath and hop in. And don’t stop there. Re-create the experience with a glass of bubbles and one of those posh Vogue style mags you used to buy when you had a life.

3. Give yourself a tennis ball massage

Desperate for a massage, but all alone? Grab your mate – Mr. Tennis Ball and start getting intimate. Simply sit with your back against the wall and stick the ball in-between. Then gently move the ball into the sore spots and roll it around. I tell you “¦ This. Is. Heaven. For more excellent (if a little unusual) ideas for self-massage head to this Buzzfeed article.

4. Movie marathon!

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13 Ways To Indulge In Some ‘Me Time’ On Valentine’s Day

When everyone’s busy lining up to get movie tickets, you’re comfortable at home with a long list of movies to watch. The best part? You don’t have to miss anything when you pee. Lol! It is the perfect reason to re-create your movie night!. I make the Savoury Popcorn from Jody Allen’s $50 Shop. Then dim the lights, hit the Netflix and it’s movie-mania all from the comfort of your couch.

5. Buy that expensive bag, shoes or kitchen table you always wanted!

Fancy a shopping spree but stuck at home? No problem. Set aside some time exclusively for online shopping. Work out what you have to spend, and well “¦ bloody well spend it!!! You can even stick yourself a Lean Cuisine in the microwave and serve with salad to create that Coffee Club lunch. Then it’s the best bit as you wait for all the lovely parcels to be delivered. I suggest you buy that bag you always wanted to have because you won’t have a better excuse than Valentine’s day. Treat yo self!

6. Start a non-romantic Valentine’s day tradition

Send rude valentine’s day cards to people you hate or funny ones to your friends, send flowers or gifts to your loved ones, wear all black, treat your kids, bake a gigantic cake, throw a dinner party – anything you can think of! Do this on every February 14th of the year!

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13 Ways To Indulge In Some ‘Me Time’ On Valentine’s Day

7. Cook a lavish meal

What’s the most expensive meal you can order at a restaurant? Make it at home and eat it for dinner! It’s the occasion for Wagyu beef steak!

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13 Ways To Indulge In Some ‘Me Time’ On Valentine’s Day
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8. Read a really good book

If you have kids, then it’s extremely rare to be able to read a book in peace! This is a really good treat to yourself on Valentine’s day.

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13 Ways To Indulge In Some ‘Me Time’ On Valentine’s Day

9. Sleep all day

Don’t do anything!

10. Spent time with your mum, or dad, or mum and dad!

11. Babysit

..your nephew, niece or godchild! It would be a great favour for the kid’s parents who can’t always get to have a date night or go on a trip.

12. Get your hair or nails done at home

Se up an appointment for a beauty home service and get your hair or nails done at home.

13. Drink

All great nights end with wine. Don’t you agree?

The most important thing to remember is that Valentine’s day does not only represent love from a lover but love from family, friends, loved ones and ultimately.. your love for yourself. Be grateful and celebrate that love!

Do you have more ideas on how to enjoy ‘Me Time’ On Valentine’s Day?13 Ways To Indulge In Some 'Me Time' On Valentine's Day | Stay at Home Mum

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