11 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask Your Lesbian Friend

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11 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask Your Lesbian Friend

Sitting around chatting and drinking with the girls recently, we got on to the topic of sex. Surprise! I know nothing new there. Until silence hushed the circle. One of the girls in my group of friends is a lesbian.


I’m not defining her by her sexuality at all, but for the purpose of this story, it’s relevant. My other friend turns to her and says. “how do you do it?” A blanket of silence creeps over the group, not really sure whether it was shock or disbelief she just asked that, or general curiosity because I’m sure this is the closest most women get to lesbian sex is in the fantasy world of porn.

So there she sat with all eyes on her for her response ready to feed into our curious minds. “Do you know I am always asked that question, if only I got a dollar for every time?”

She then went on to tell us how once people find out you’re gay they actually feel the need to ask the most ridiculous questions. So it made me think obviously we need to clear up these stereotypical questions that seem to define what a “Lesbian” is. I mean aren’t you a little curious as to what goes on behind those lesbian doors? So here are her most asked questions and responses.

1. How do you have sex?

Pretty much the same as a straight couple expect for the penis. I mean we kiss, touch, give oral sex, and use toys, like any other couple we just don’t have to wait for him to get it up.

2. Is it easy because you are both women and know what each other likes?

I wouldn’t say it’s easy as everyone likes different things, but saying that you certainly know what feels good for you so seeing you both have the same bits it can be easier I suppose to work out. You still have to ask.

3. Scissoring does it work?

Maybe for some like any position it works for some and not for others.


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