Expert Says Mummy Wine Time Is FineCalm your farms, it's okay to drink in moderation

If you enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day, but don’t feel you can mention it because of those sanctimummies who declare you an unfit mother with a binge drinking problem, you can now tell them to GGF because an expert says it’s okay.

According to the Daily Mail, the CEO Of DrinkWise, John Scott, says that “mummy wine time” is fine if it’s done in moderation.

Expert Says Mummy Wine Time Is Fine | Stay At Home Mum

We here at SAHM often post tongue in cheek memes and talk about how we’re hanging out for wine whine o’clock. You know, that time of the day where you feel you can relax and unwind with a glass of wine or two.

This in turn will get the sanctimummies all lathered up, calling us all alcoholics, saying we’re promoting binge drinking, that we are everything that is wrong with today’s society, dammit, and that they are much better parents than anyone who has even so much as sniffed some organic grape juice, let alone had a mouthful of wine!

Expert Says Mummy Wine Time Is Fine | Stay At Home Mum

Well calm your farms because, wait for it, if you’re drinking in moderation you’re most likely not a lush who is unfit to parent!

“I guess if you’re immersed in a kind of mums culture and maybe all you hear about is the opinion that the drinking culture is out of control, that’s what you’d think,’ Mr Scott said.

‘But that’s not what we’re seeing at a national level.

‘We’ve seen some memes around mums which associate phrases like “mummy wine time” with mums drinking at home before picking the kids up from school or cooking dinner with a wine in hand,” he said.

Expert Says Mummy Wine Time Is Fine | Stay At Home Mum

‘However, is it becoming more problematic? That’s the difficult thing to say, because when we look at an age and gender level we’re tending to see most age groups drinking more responsibly.’

Mr Scott also said that just because mums are sharing memes about drinking wine doesn’t mean they are indulging in excess amounts of wine.

I can speak from personal experience here: sometimes I share these on my own wall because I find them funny. But I’d be lucky if I had one standard drink per month. Not because I’m a joyless, teetotalling puritan, but because I’m often so stuffed at the end of the day I know that a glass of wine before cooking dinner will put me to sleep (possibly face first in to a pot of boiling pasta water).

Expert Says Mummy Wine Time Is Fine | Stay At Home Mum

And by the time I get dinner over and done with and do the evening routine with the kids, I CBF. Do I judge the women who are able to have a glass every day? Hell no. I freakin’ envy them most of the time.

Mr Scott recommended that women read the labels on their wine bottles to count how many standard drinks they’ve consumed.

“If having more than two standard drinks a day be aware and understand what is in a standard glass and just keep tabs on what you’re drinking,“he said.

“Bottles are listed with how many standards in a bottle so they’re a good guide because many people have big wine glasses.”

So if you’re headed to the Bottle-O for some goon after school pickup this arvo, have one for me.
Expert Says Mummy Wine Time Is Fine | Stay At Home Mum
In moderation, of course.
Source: Daily Mail Australia

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