List of Plus Size Fashion Wholesalers

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List of Plus Size Fashion Wholesalers

Plus Size Fashion is a niche of its own now!

I separated the plus size fashion wholesalers from the general fashion wholesalers – because not all fashion wholesalers do plus size properly. It isn’t just a matter of making the clothing bigger… Curvy girls have shape and you want a plus size fashion wholesaler who will embrace the larger size and create beautiful clothing that will suit your shape!

We also have a List of Online Stores for Plus Plus Size Women’s Fashion.

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Questions to Ask Before Placing an Order

Before putting any money on the line for plus size fashion wholesalers, make sure you think about the following questions. A good plus size fashion wholesalers shouldn’t bat an eyelid at these questions!

  • What payment options do they offer?
  • What is their minimum order requirement?
  • What are their requirements for returns?
  • How long does shipping take?
  • Can they offer dropshipping?

Can’t Afford to Purchase Much Stock?

The biggest problem most small business owners have when they go into fashion, is having the cash to buy the fashion up-front. Most wholesale suppliers have a minimum order requirement. Sometimes that requirement is a monetary amount (say $500) or sometimes you need to purchase a range of sizing. If you can afford this – awesome! But if you can’t – here are a few other alternatives!

Drop Shipping Fashion:

Dropshipping is where you sell an item from a stockist, and that stockist posts the item directly to your customer. You don’t need stock, don’t need postage and best of all, you don’t need to fork out a fortune in the beginning. But there are downsides to dropshipping.

Postage can take a while – and you are at the mercy of the fashion wholesaler and drop shipper as to how long they take. Most drop shippers are located in China, so sometimes postage to Australia can take three or four weeks – and many customers won’t be happy with that postage time. Another negative is that the packaging and labelling might not be as good as you might want.

If you are going down this road, make sure you order a sample to see the quality of the product, the packaging and the postage times.

Some Plus Size Dropshippers include:

Use a Low Cost Supplier

This might seem somewhat obvious – but there are good quality low-cost suppliers out there, but they can be really hard to find. Put aside some cash to order samples, check their reviews and have a look at any labels that you have on current clothing that you like.

Here are a few low-cost fashion suppliers to try out!

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List of Plus Size Fashion Wholesalers

Now here is our list of Plus Size Fashion Wholesalers.

1. Daring Diva Australia (AU)

Daring Diva is a Plus Size Clothing wholesaler that offers woman’s fashion in sizes 14 – 28.  They also sell shoes, handbags and jewellery. Daring Diva is Australia owned and operated and is located in Sydney.  All their products are sourced from the United States and they cater from casual wear through to formal occasions.

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2. Kita-Ku (AU)

Looking for wholesale plus size clothing for women? Kita-Ku is Australia’s specialised wholesaler, supplying a huge line of fashion for over 40’s cruise clothing or resort-wear. Their basics size range is size 10 – 26.

3. The Look Book Wholesale (US)

The Look Book offers fashion-forward wholesale women’s clothing that is updated daily. They don’t just cater to plus size wholesale fashion – they have everything from accessories to workwear and more.

4. United Curves

United Curves are a wholesale fashion agency focusing on women’s sizing 12 – 26+.  There are based in Melbourne and work with retailers all over Australia and New Zealand. They stock brands such as Beyond the Sea, Hope & Harvest, Sonsee Woman, Lowanna Australia and Kiik Luxe.

5. Yours Clothing

Yours Clothing is a Plus Size fashion provider with sizes from 16 to 36.  They supply high-quality brands such as London, Paprika, Chi Chi London, Bump It Up Maternity.

Plus Size Wholesale Fashion

6. She Star

She Star is a trendy wholesale women’s clothing supplier that stocks current and street smart low-cost clothing and fashion accessories.

7. Faire

Faire is a bit different to the other plus size fashion wholesalers I have listed, Faire is more of a marketplace. They have thousands of unique brands all in one place and they openly state their minimum orders (which is handy).

8. Harlow

Harlow is a premium plus size fashion wholesaler stocking sizes from 12-26. All their clothing is Australian made and of the highest quality. They have casual wear, workwear and classic fashionable pieces.

9. Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith is a wholesaler of both men and women’s plus size fashion. They stock sizes from a Large through to 4XL. They don’t have any minimum order requirements and they are located in the United Kingdom.

10. Asoph Wholesale

Asoph Wholesale is a large online wholesale fashion retailer located in Los Angeles. They stock women’s wear, menswear and best of all, plus-size or curvy girl fashion. They also stock footwear, jewellery and beauty products.

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