Australian Retailers That Offer Drop Shipping

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Australian Retailers That Offer Drop Shipping

We have a list of Australian Retailers that offer Drop Shipping so that you can start your online store without having the need for stock or ever go to the post office!

The biggest problem with having stock to sell in your online store is where would you store it?  Not to mention posting all the orders to all your customers How about having a business you can do all from home? If you have asked any of the above questions, then Drop Shipping is for you. This article not only shows you what dropshipping is – we also have a huge list of dropshipping suppliers which we update constantly.

Australian dropshippers are few and far between – but we are hoping now that Drop Shipping is increasing in popularity – more companies will offer the fantastic fulfilment service!

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Australian Dropshipping Suppliers

Why Choose Australia to Direct Dropship From?

At the moment, most drop shippers come from China or the United States. And that means longer shipping times for us here in Australia. When you can dropship directly from your own country, it means that you have faster shipping times. In fact, your customers may never even know you are dropshipping!

This is a huge advantage when it comes to dropshipping businesses!

If you are an Australian Dropshipper – and wish to be added to our list, please contact us!

Table of Contents:

1. What is Dropshipping?
2. Advantages to Dropshipping
3. Disadvantages to Dropshipping
4. How to Set Up a Drop Shipping Store
5. List of the Major Drop Shipping Companies
6. List of the Major Dropshipping Companies (Worldwide)
7. Australian Home Decor and Furniture Dropshippers
8. List of Beauty and Makeup Drop Shipping Suppliers
9. List of Dropshippers of Toys and Kids Goods
10. List of Australia Dropshippers Food and Drink
11. List of ready-made Dropshipping Websites

1. What is Drop Shipping?

Dropshipping is where you advertise a product, sell the product to the consumer, then the supplier delivers the goods directly to the consumer.  No need to do anything other than to build a website, pick the products, the supplier and finally advertise your products. That means no inventory is needed which saves you as the seller – a lot of money!

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It’s not just “Build your business and forget” though; you will also need to focus on customer service and any information that potential and current customers have. 

Make sure to choose companies with a good reputation and have previous experience in Drop Shipping.   Some drop shippers might not deliver what was promised. It is easy to take advantage of someone when they have never seen the product in person, and of course, don’t physically stock it. 

Another issue could be communication with your supplier when you pick your drop shipper to make sure that you can easily communicate with them via phone or email. 

One way to confirm how good a potential drop shipper is, Is to get sent a few test products to your house. This way you can see the quality of the products and how the business communicates with the customer.

If you are happy with the test products, then you can negotiate a quote for the number of products you need. 

Australian Retailers That Offer Drop Shipping | Stay at Home Mum

2. What are the Advantages of Drop Shipping?

There seem to be many advantages to this business model, while there are so many great points, we want you to continue reading to make sure you are aware of some negatives too. 

  • Offers quality and popular products without making them yourself.
  • Ability to change the type of products/style that you are selling quickly.
  • Profits on products are usually around the 15-20% plus mark. 
  • There is no financial outlay for the stock You only pay the supplier when your customer pays.
  • There is no need to store stock The supplier keeps all stock at their warehouse.
  • There is no handling or postage The drop shipper is responsible for all postage.
  • For an extra cost, you can send the drop shipper your logo, stickers and other packaging items so that the products look like they come from you. Enquire when you are doing your research to see what the extra costs would be to have your own packaging. 

Make sure to research all companies you are looking at for drop shipping look at their costs, shipping, products, customer service and how they communicate with their customers. 

3. What are the Negatives to Drop Shipping?

Like any business venture, there are negatives.  Here they are all spelled out for you:

Get sample products first to confirm quality and service

Some drop shippers show you a picture of the product you think you are selling but send the customer something completely different.  Once you narrow down the drop shipper you wish to use, you are then trusting them to deliver what was promised and agreed to.  

Postage Times

One thing you really must consider with Dropshipping is that your postage time will be significantly longer if your supplier is not in Australia.  You can either disclose how long items will take to deliver or find a local drop shipper to make postage faster. 

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If suppliers are not located in Australia it might be hard to communicate with them. It is wise to do a few tests to see what drop shippers can offer the best communication. You the business owner, and your customers will need information about products and ways the supplier handle returns.  Communication needs to be able to be understood on the phone and via email and answered within a reasonable time frame. 

Customer Service

Dropshipping is not a business where you just list products on a website and then they sell themselves. You need to put in a lot of time to market and advertise your goods and to be available for your customers. Good customer service can make the difference between a business that is successful and one that isn’t. 

Profit Margin

You might feel that you need to earn more profit for all your hard work. To help boost your profits, get products for a cheaper price per unit, and increase the cost per product.  


You might find that the niche that you choose has a lot of competition and it is hard to get customers.  It’s hard to sell the same product that everyone else is selling for a profit. It is advisable to see what your competitors are doing and make a decision on your product and niche after your market research is complete. 

List of Most Reputable Drop Shipping Companies Around the World | Stay at Home Mum

Finding a decent list of reputable drop shippers in Australia has been hard to find in the past, but we have collated a list for you!  Tell them we sent you! 

4. How to Set Up a Drop Shipping Store

Setting up a dropshipping store is super easy, I’m sure you will be so surprised at how simple it really is. 

So, how do you do it?

  1. Sign up for Shopify Store (You can get a free trial extended to 90 days due to COVID-19) which is an e-commerce platform that you can set up for drop shipping. After your free trial Shopify charge you $29 USD/month for a basic plan.  Once you have your store all set up it is recommended to do some of the training at Shopify Academy to help your store rise to great heights. 
  2. Now you have your Shopify Store the following apps: Oberlo, Spocket or Modalyst are a must. They help you find products, and they both plugin and work seamlessly with your Shopify store.
    I’ve used Oberlo and love the fact that it helps curate and promote my products. Both of these apps have free versions, but you can pay for the higher plans. 
  3. Select your drop shipper or shippers of choice and add the products to your Shopify Store
  4. Another top tip is to use the AliExpress Google Chrome Extension (AliDropship) this allows you to visit AliExpress and from the website click the little blue paperclip icon on the product, if you have Oberlo open at the same time this automatically adds the product to Oberlo but not immediately to your Shopify Store. You need to edit it in Oberlo first, add images, text, shipping and the prices. Once happy you can push it live to your Shopify Store. 
  5. Oberlo allows you to search all different drop shippers or via a certain product as well. You can even narrow the search to a certain country only. 
  6. And now to promote your shop and sell your products.

But I Don’t Want to Use Shopify?

There are many alternatives to Shopify, you can even use Facebook to sell your products. If you do decide to use Facebook be aware that you need to keep up with your products and know when you have low stock or have sold out. 

Using Facebook is a good way to test out if your business idea will work and also if the products you’ve picked will sell. If it is popular you can always switch to a dedicated e-commerce website. 

Automated Dropshipping Platforms such as Spocket plug directly into websites such as Wix, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Squarespace.

You Can Get Ready-Made Drop Shipping Websites?

I can make my own website from scratch and have the skills to do graphics and make the website look fab, but like many people, I’m a busy person and if I can speed up the process to start my business then I wouldn’t knock back a stylish and ready-made e-commerce website why not make it easier for yourself. 

These templates look very professional and as you all know, you need a stunning site to win over customers. 

The good thing about websites is that they are a saleable asset so if you get ‘over’ it or don’t want to do it anymore you can sell your store for a profit so all that work you have put into your shop is going to make you a good return.  Legally, you cannot ‘Sell’ a Facebook Page so a website is a great idea. 

There are a few places that make inexpensive ready-made dropshipping websites and they are definitely worth a look.  Here are our fav’s: 

A snazzy and glossy website really helps to make a good first impression!


Aliexpress and Alibaba have been on the forefront of dropshipping since it was invented. So it makes sense that they would have their own platform where you can easily start a ‘turnkey’ dropshipping website. They have a few options:

  • They can create an online store for you
  • You can get an exact copy of an already successful dropshipping store
  • Or you can build a store yourself.

With over 70,000 current customers and thousands of 5-star reviews, they are a good option for starting your own dropshipping website.

Dropship Me

Dropship Me is another platform that will provide you with a ready-built Drop Shipping Store and also does all the research to ensure the products you choose will sell well.  Picking your products is the hardest thing and one that if you can get some extra help it is wise to do so. Once you’ve picked your winning products, all you need to do now is to market them. 

Dropship Me has beautiful photography, and great images sell your products”¦ so this is a must-have!

They do have a free version; the free plan lets you add 50 products.  If you need more then you can move to a different plan which would be a paid option.  

5. List of the Major Drop Shipping Companies:

These are major Drop Shipping companies that work with Australia that focus just on dropshipping and offer a multitude of products. The only thing with the major drop shipping companies is that you usually have to become a member to see all of their products however, they are legitimate (well these ones are!) but always do your homework first before parting with any cash!

Plus, professional drop shipping companies will also take a small percentage of every sale for their services BUT the advantage with using these companies is that you have access to literally millions of products instead of a limited range. 

Australian Retailers That Offer Drop Shipping | Stay at Home Mum

6. List of Fashion Dropshippers

We have listed Fashion Dropshippers in our article – but for more information on each supplier – please click on our link for the List of Fashion Dropshippers.

Want to be added to our list of drop shippers? Drop us a line at [email protected]

Name of Fashion Dropshipper:Country:Speciality:
Amazon AustraliaAustraliaYes, you can use Amazon Australia to Dropship – and they have loads of designer brands available! Plus they offer really fast shipping times and best-selling products.
CatchAustraliaYou can use the same technique to drop that you do with Amazon with Catch. It’s easy – and they have a fabulous range of women’s fashion to choose from.
Kogan AustraliaAustraliaKogan doesn’t have an exhaustive array of women’s fashion – but you can get what they do have at a really great price!
SaleHooChinaDedicated authorised drop shipper of millions of items. Requires a membership to view their products, but offers money back if you are unhappy with the range.
Wholesale2BChinaThe world’s largest dropshipping company.
ModlilyChinaInexpensive women’s clothing including plus-size fashion and swimwear.
Daring DivaAustraliaPlus-sized women’s clothing
Bella BoutiqueAustraliaOffers women’s fashion, jewellery and accessories.
AliExpressChinaMassive international inexpensive wholesaler and drop shipper.
FondmartChinaFashion Dropshipper and Fashion Seller
MaxuceKoreaClothing Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Dropshipper
Belle WholesaleChinaFun and inexpensive women’s clothing
CC Wholesale Clothing United StatesHuge drop shipper of women’s apparel, shoes, jewellery and beauty items.
My Online Fashion StoreShopify AppSister company to CC Wholesale Clothing. Costs $19/month and integrates into the Shopify App
DH GateChinaHuge wholesaler and drop shipper of a collection of China-based fashion houses
Brands DistributionUnited KingdomDropshipper of Designer clothing such as Versace, Gucci, Burberry and Adidas. Has a membership to join.
Coco FashionUnited StatesWomen’s fashion drop shippers and evening wear. Not a huge range.
Collective FabShopify AppCollectiveFab has over 6,500 fashion and beauty items that are easily added to your Shopify store. It does cost US$29/month (and doesn’t have fabulous reviews)

7. Home Decor and Furniture Dropshippers

SpocketWorldwideAnother great ‘add-on’ app if you have a Shopify Store. Choose from millions of home decor and furniture drop shippers and have their products auto-upload to your store.
OberloWorldwide Oberlo is perfect if you have a Shopify Store – as it ‘plugs in’ directly so all the products you choose to dropship will appear in your online store.
SaleHooChinaSaleHoo is a collective of millions of smaller stores based in China – all in one spot. There is a membership to join (but we can get you in for just $1 per week to have a peek!). is one of those huge Factory Outlet type stores.  They are great for dropshipping as you can just order the product you want and insert the customer’s address.
Factory FastAustraliaOffers dropshipping in the home, furniture, outdoors, sports and games area.
Best DealsNew ZealandAnother great large warehouse of products such as sporting equipment, furniture, home and garden supplies, pet supplies, bedding and bath, electronics and more.
Factory to HomeAustralia Dropship supplier of cookware, mattresses, living room furniture, pet supplies and wine.
Crazy SalesAustraliaDropship supplier of cookware, mattresses, living room furniture, pet supplies and wine.
MyDealAustraliaDropship supplier of cookware, mattresses, living room furniture, pet supplies and wine.
Simply WholesaleAustraliaWith over 100,000 products to choose from, Simply Wholesale is one of Australia’s leading wholesale and dropshipping suppliers.
Artisan FurnitureAustralia Dropshipper of bedroom furniture, rugs, living room furniture and more.
Eternal DesignAustraliaEleganter Australia dropship toys, arts and crafts items and birthday party items.
Bulk WholesaleAustraliaBulk Wholesale is a wholesaler and dropshipper of cleaning products.
Urban Country DecorCanadaDropshipper of bedroom furniture, rugs, living room furniture and more.
Dasch DesignAustraliaHamptons Style and Moroccon furniture can be dropshipped all over Australia.
Sage Brook HomeUnited StatesTo see pricing you will need to sign up for a wholesale account – and once approved you can log in.
Factory BuysAustralia
(Online Only)
Dropshipper of bedroom furniture, rugs, living room furniture and more.
AlrugAustraliaDropshipper of handmade rugs and carpets. Offers worldwide shipping.
Fast FurnishingsUnited StatesFast Furnishings stocks more than 3000 home furnishing products and the dropship worldwide. They do have a fee to sign up for their wholesale pricing and drop shipping which is US$39/month.

8. List of Beauty and Makeup Drop Shipping Suppliers

Name:Country: Details:
Bulk WholesaleAustraliaBulk Wholesale may look just like a wholesale cleaning supply business at first glance, but they do have a healthy and beauty section that has products such as face masks, shampoos and conditioners, hand and body soaps etc.  Not a huge range – but worth checking out.
Jasmin OrganicsAustraliaDropshipper of organic skincare products. You do need to sign up and be approved for dropshipping.
Locks LashAustraliaLocks Lash are drop shippers of premium lash and beauty supplies. BUT you need to be either a technician or salon owner or have an ABN to purchase products.
Lucent ImagingAustraliaPerfect for photographers or artists, Lucent Imaging will print and send your prints to organise for your customer in perfect condition.
Dropship BeautyUnited StatesDropship Beauty is a Shopify extension the costs $2.99 per month and dropships hair extensions, wigs, lashes, makeup and more – all from the United States.
Dr BotanicalsUnited StatesCan be integrated using Spocket

9. List of Dropshippers of Toys and Kids Goods

Eleganter AustraliaAustraliaGreat range of kids educational toys.
Elektra Bubs & TotsAustraliaAustralian Dropshippers of baby toys and baby goods.
Factory to HomeAustraliaFactory outlet that dropships toys and kids goods, fitness supplies and more. Factory outlet that dropships toys and kids goods, fitness supplies and more.
MyDealAustralia Factory outlet that dropships toys and kids goods, fitness supplies and more.
Little SmilesAustraliaLittle Smiles stocks baby goods, toys, baby carriers, sports equipment and more!
Toy WholesaleAustraliaDropshippers of a huge range of toys for all ages.
Toy UniverseAustraliaDropshippers of kids toys, playground sets, books, bikes and gardening equipment.
Wholesale BabyAustraliaWholesale Baby has baby furniture, nursery decor, fashion and even baby foodstuffs.  They add new product lines all the time.

10. List of Australian Dropshippers of Food and Drink

Food and drink is a tough category because fresh food can’t really be ‘posted’ around the world. Most of these drop shippers have non-perishable foods and drinks.

Just Fresh RoastedAustraliaJust Fresh Roasted dropship premium coffee supplies including roasted coffee beans, coffee capsules, teas, chai powders, drinking chocolate and coffee machine accessories.
Rumble CoffeeAustraliaIf you are interested in starting your own line of coffee bean (white labelling) or just want to dropship good quality coffee, Rumble Coffee offer a dropshipping service.
SynceeWorldwideSyncee is a dropship supplier of thousands of food products all in one place. It is perfect if you have a Shopify store. They offer a free trial – it is certainly worth checking out.
BangallaUnited StatesDropshipper of baking supplies, spices, sweeteners, cereals, condiments and grocery items.
PollardsUnited KingdomDropshipper of wholesale coffee, coffee beans and coffee supplies.
DripshipperShopify AppA dropshipping app that links to your Shopify store. They offer over 40 different blends of coffee beans to choose from.
Coffee DropshipUnited KingdomA coffee wholesaler and drop shipper – but only available to those living in the United Kingdom at this stage.

We also have an ebook out ‘How to Start a Drop Shipping Business from Scratch’.

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How to Start a Drop Shipping Business from Scratch | Stay at Home Mum

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