10 Tips On How To Stick To Your Weight Loss Plan (For Real This Time!)

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10 Tips On How To Stick To Your Weight Loss Plan (For Real This Time!)

Losing weight can be tough.

Despite the tempting advertising claim, there is no such thing as fast weight loss. It takes time because you are changing your body. Focus on your goals and if you find yourself faltering, put down the chocolate and have a read of our ten tips for sticking with it.

1. Make a note of it.

Get out your sticky notes and leave yourself little messages where you know you are going to need a little extra encouragement. Pop a warning on the biscuit tin, or pin a photo of your dream body on the fridge. Leave yourself a motivational quote on your bedroom mirror.


2. Make yourself a snack station.

So the kids still want treats but you don’t want to be tempted? Make healthy food just as easy and convenient as the snack you are trying to avoid and put them at the front of the cupboard or fridge. Try pre-preparing fresh fruit so you just have to dive in and grab yourself a bowl. Portion out nuts and dried fruit so you aren’t tempted to over indulge.


3. Reward yourself.

This can be a useful one if you have been used to rewarding yourself with food in the past. Set yourself a goal and reward yourself when you smash it. So maybe treat yourself to new work out gear when you lose 5kg or a facial when you manage to do 10 ten full push ups. Put $1 in a jar every time you work out and have a visual reminder of all the hard work you are putting in.


4. Get off your butt.

Office workers often experience back pain due to a weakened core because they spend so much of their day sitting in the same position. Even the most ergonomically correct sitting posture will take its toll on your body when it’s repeated day in, day out. Try getting up and walking around whenever you can. If it’s appropriate in your business, have walking meetings. Switching to a standing desk is also a great alternative but still keep moving. Standing all day is not ideal either.


5. Drink more.

Drinking more water will ensure that you are flushing out the toxins from your body and will allow you to feel full for longer. If you are not keen on the taste of plain water, try adding a slice of lemon or lime to your water bottle. Freeze fruit juice in ice trays and drop them into your glass.


6. Eyes on the prize.

Keep your bikini or swimsuit out where you can see it every day! If there is something that you feel you can’t wear because of the way you look, then this may be a great motivational tool. So if you have a birthday coming up or want to look amazing at a special occasion, buy your dream dress and keep it where you can see it to motivate you to get your bum into gear.


7. Plan your workout the night before.

If you are planning a morning workout, organise yourself the night before by laying out your work out clothes, finding your shoes and packing your bag so all you have to do is throw on your clothes and run out of the door.


8. Stretch while watching TV.

Stretching or cooling down after a workout will reduce muscle tightness and post work out soreness. You want to avoid tight muscles because they are an injury risk and pretty uncomfortable. If you find yourself skipping the stretch, set aside a time whilst you are watching TV and stretch out those hamstrings and quads.


9. Are you hungry?

Eating because you are bored or stressed is a common cause of overeating. Keep a food diary so you can identify what you are eating and when. If you already know when you are overeating, change your habits to avoid it. Do something else, call someone if you are stressed. Take a walk if you can get out of the house, paint your nails so your hands are busy. Distract yourself and the feeling will pass.


10. You are you.

Your body is unique to you. Your legs are as long as they ever will be, noses don’t shrink and boobs rarely grow two cups sizes without a little help. Make sure your goals are realistic and are based upon what is best for your physical health. Be the best ‘you’ that you can be but never try to be some body else.


How do you stick to your weight loss plan?

Jess Schmidt is a fitness trainer, writer and a mum to two crazy wonderful boys. When not wrestling tigers, tripping over Lego and sword fighting, she enjoys running (away) and yoga.

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Jess Schmidt is a qualified fitness trainer and owner of mamafirst fitness, based in Hobart Tasmania. She's also a writer and a mum to two crazy, wond...Read Moreerful boys. When not wrestling tigers, tripping over Lego and sword fighting she enjoys running (away) and yoga. Read Less

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