Hands and Feet Rudolf

Hands and Feet Rudolf

Kids love to  trace  body parts. So get them to help with this years decorations,  with this easy to make Rudolf, and when they are finished they will look great stuck on a window!

  • brown paper or cardboard
  • black (or other colour) paper or cardboard
  • red paper or round stickers
  • white paper
  • black texta
  • glue

On the brown paper, make an outline of your child’s foot (with a shoe on) and cut out. On the black (or other colour) paper, make an outline of your child’s two hands, fingers slightly spread out, and cut out. Glue the hand outlines behind the largest part of the foot outline (top of the shoe) – these are the antlers. Onto the brown paper, glue on a red nose and two white eyes. Use the black marker to fill in the eye details and a mouth.


by Cassie Billingsley, Stay at Home Mum’s Food Editor

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