5 Ways To Host a Party Without Losing Your Mind (Page 2)Don't get frustrated as festive fever hits home!

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3. Work as a Team

When you are preparing for the party and cleaning up after the party, don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially from your family. Provide each member with a different task to do before the party and after. Your kids may be in charge of something small like setting the table. Then, after the party is over, split off into teams to tackle the cleaning up, dishes, garbage disposal, etc.

4. Stick to a Theme

One of the problems with hosting a holiday party is that you can get overwhelmed with different ideas. There are countless Christmas recipes out there as well as different ideas for parties. While looking into the various games and treats to serve can provide you with plenty of inspiration, it can also be overwhelming and leave you wanting to do more than you can. So stick to a particular theme to help you decide what to make, what to bake and what to save for next year.

5. Keep the Kids Happy

Finally, Christmas parties are not just about fancy cocktails and delicious treats. You also need to keep the kidlets happy. Consider a gift exchange or, if you have a good natured hubby, ask him to hire a Santa costume and hand out small gifts to the kids. This is one way to keep all your guests, even the little ones, happy until the end.

Are you ready to host a party without losing your mind?

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