Danger! Thermomix Splashing Scalding Food!

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Danger! Thermomix Splashing Scalding Food!

Recently I’ve copped a bit of flack from my fellow SAHM-ers because my husband has purchased me a fandangle new Thermomix for my birthday. I have never really jumped on the Thermi bandwagon (I have even been known to bag it out from time to time) and the price of the thing just floors me, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the proverbial either. Anyway, I shouldn’t have been too surprised when a tagged post popped up in my newsfeed this morning about a Product Safety Recall regarding the Thermomix TM31.

‘Here we go!’, I thought, ‘Lets watch all the Thermi Mums break the internet with outrage over the ‘old’ model now being defective.’ Vorwerk certainly got enough publicity (be it not all brilliant) when they recently released their new model, the TM5, and now there’s something wrong with the old one. Well, at least something slightly more controversial will be taking over from the overdose of The Bachelor crap that’s been clogging up my news feed this week.

But then I read it, and to say I was disappointed is a huge understatement. I get that these bodies that govern all safety regulations need to be vigilant and maybe a little pedantic over the smallest of safety concerns, but this seemed a little OTT. You see, the safety issue that Product Recalls Australia is so concerned with is…wait for it….the splashing of food from the device. I was hoping for some kind of explosive fault, where the dials might blow off and potentially blind someone, or that the super speed of the mega-awesome blades would cause it to literally levitate off the base. But no, we are talking about food coming out of the top of the jug thingy when you open it before the blades have stopped spinning.Danger! Splashing Food!

On closer consultation with my Thermi owning friends, apparently it is impossible to open the lid before the blades have stopped. But we are talking about revving it over a certain speed and then being so time poor that one would flick the switch to “open lid” and take the lid off before the Thermomixed food has had a chance to stop it’s natural gravitational momentum.

Now, I’m a 90’s kid, I’ve had my fair share of blenders flipping lids off mid-smoothie and ingredients flicking out at warp speed when you don’t hold the mix master at the right angle. I’ve lived to tell the tale. And if the concern is about hot food scalding oneself, then this overly-cautious safety commitee has obviously never experienced the finger-burning experience of flicking chicken nuggets from oven tray to plate because you cant be arsed finding the tongs. Also, I own a child of the post-baby/pre-toddler age bracket; food projectiles is the norm in my house.

Call me crazy, but I’m thinking there is more to be concerned about when it comes to the safety of my own person and those around me. Like the 10,000 children that get poisoned per year due to faulty packaging and seals, or the hundreds of kids who get injured in car accidents from dodgy car seats. Looks like one safety boards precaution might just be fodder for another TM31 vs TM5 fallout.

Oh and by the way, should you be one of the unfortunate few whose Thermi is splashing food – they’ll provide you with a new seal for the mixing bowl if you give them a call!

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