20+ Unfortunate People With The Funniest Names

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20+ Unfortunate People With The Funniest Names

Our name speaks loudly about us. But, what if it’s the other way around?

Not all of us are gifted with nice names. Maybe these parents thought these names were awesome at the time but just didn’t think how they’d come across. Or, they really had a hard time thinking to come up with an “exotic” name. Lucky for us that our parents were sane enough to name us decently but for some, it’s the other way around.

In this post, we’ve gathered a huge list of names of real people with the funniest names on earth! And believe us, they are really really real! Who would have thought that they exist?!

1. Gim’me a P! Gimme an E! N-N-I-S!!!

20+ Unfortunate People With The Funniest Names | Stay At Home Mum

2. If you have problems down there, you might want to see this doctor…

sunnyskyz.com2 | Stay at Home

3. So, if you put an “is” and “to” in between, you will know what it means!

sunnyskyz.com3 | Stay at Home

4. Seriously, is this his name or just his nickname?!

sunnyskyz.com4 | Stay at Home

5. Need a ride? Call him

sunnyskyz.com5 | Stay at Home

6. If any man could have a power, for sure they want this!

sunnyskyz.com6 | Stay at Home

7. We’re sure he’s a good guy

sunnyskyz.com7 | Stay at Home

8. The town will be happy because he’s a happy person!

someecards.com1 | Stay at Home

9. Sounds so fishy!

someecards.com2 | Stay at Home

10. A beautiful lady with a sucky surname

someecards.com3 | Stay at Home

11. It’s just his name. For sure he’s a winner

someecards.com4 | Stay at Home

12. A very altruistic approach

someecards.com5 | Stay at Home

13. You just have to give him Love

someecards.com6 | Stay at Home

14. Read his name again but with just a silent “G”

someecards.com7 | Stay at Home

15. Ouch!

someecards.com8 | Stay at Home

16. Mmmmm yummy!

someecards.com9 | Stay at Home

17. Doesn’t sound right

someecards.com10 | Stay at Home

18. Her parents made a crime out of her name!

someecards.com11 | Stay at Home

19. It’s moist…and it’s coming

someecards.com12 | Stay at Home

20. When life gets hard…his gets…

someecards.com13 | Stay at Home

21. Listening to Lilly Allen’s song

someecards.com14 | Stay at Home

23. Oh whut?!

someecards.com15 | Stay at Home

Their names may sound wrong and funny but for sure they are good people!

Do you know anyone who happens to have a funny name?

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20 Unfortunate People With The Funniest Names 1 | Stay at Home

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