A Mum Shows The World ‘Strong is the New Pretty’

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A Mum Shows The World ‘Strong is the New Pretty’

“Being pretty or perfect is not important. Being who they are is.”

This is what photographer Kate Parker lives by every time she uses the shutter to take  photos of her daughters in the most candid, messy and silly moments. She is a proud mum to two girls aged 7 and 10, who are her favourite subjects. This mum is not just making the world a better place for her own kin but is helping those girls who have lost their confidence in themselves, by starting the campaign ‘Strong is the New Pretty. 

The campaign encourages all girls and women to embrace their true beauty and combats the message of media sends to its young audience.

Beauty is not one size fits all. Beauty’s not a hairstyle. It’s not a size, not about outfit you’re wearing. It’s really being confident in yourself.

Because strong is the new pretty 

That’s the way to do it Mum – make your daughters be 100% true to themselves. 

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