38 Amazing Baby Nursery Rooms to Make You CluckyOr give you some great ideas on decorating yours!

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When you are expecting a child you may feel like you want to decorate the nursery before the baby comes. After all, you probably have more time to do so before the baby comes and this can be a fun way to pass the time.

Babies are gifts to expecting parents and it’s super fun to set up amazing baby nursery rooms before the lil’ one comes out. Some fun border and baby themed rooms include anything related to animals such as the zoo, under the sea or farm animals.

Pair the border of the room with accessories that match the colour and theme you have selected. You may find it is a lot easier to find accessories that go with a certain famous character, such as the Cars series or Winnie the Pooh. But if you don’t want to make it themed to a character, you can just stick to a colour palette and decorate as you go. We gathered lots of ideas for you to see and get inspiration from!

Gender-Neutral Nurseries

Don’t know what you’re having? That’s great – what a wonderful surprise – and bugger the blue and the pinks – neutral can still be beautiful for a nursery. Having a nursery that has a neutral colour could also save you from re-painting costs in the future once your baby should outgrow the nursery. Here are some ideas!

Whoever said that grey is a dull colour haven’t seen this nursery set up yet. The Safari animals detail combined with a little pastel patterns makes it hard to forget!

via laurelandwolf.com

Pastel patterns combined with a white wall is a sure winner. Very easy to the eyes.

via emersongreydesigns.com

This grand looking nursery could be for “Leo” or for “Lily.” The pale gunmetal colour of the main elements is classy and timeless.

via projectnursery.com

This muted green set up is very au naturale. Easy to the eyes and might give the baby a soothing sleep every night. Just cool as a cucumber!

via spotofteadesigns.com

This majorly-white-with-a-touch of brown nursery adds a little twist to the typical modern nursery. Just look at that cute widdle teepee. Perfect for a fun playtime!


new baby via projectnursery.com

This nursery makes parents feel like they’re on a holiday at a tropical island! The salmon and forest green colour combination is drool worthy!

via projectnursery.com

Well, if you’re looking for something that’s not too bright and not to dull, this yellow and grey themed nursery is for you (and your baby of course!). The multi coloured pompoms are an awesome addition!

via allwomenstalk.com

Did you conceive your bub while you’re traveling or during a holiday? Well, this neutral toned nursery is a good match! It might be that your little one has a Christopher Columbus spirit!

via littlehandsillustration.com

This black and yellow themed unisex nursery is so good I want my room to look like this too! Just classy and royal looking!

via bellemaison23.com

Cool, airy and fresh! The little cloud details on the wall adds to the coolness!

via stylemepretty.com

Still can’t decide what colour? How about multiple colours? I want my room to be like this!

via pinterest.com

This one is fit for a merman or a mermaid! Or both!

via pinterest.com

Nice and easy!

via pinterest.com

Another unisex one! Very grand and elegant. Just remove the rosette details from the crib when you’re actually expecting for a baby boy.

via pinterest.com

Blue is not only for boys. It’s also for girls and for people like me. Lol!

via pinterest.com

Aaaah, so breathtaking. Makes me feel light-hearted.

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via pinterest,com

Nurseries for Baby Boys

Your little explorer should be happy with this one. That crooked chandelier is too cute!

via bloglovin.com

The chalkboard walls of this nursery is chic and useful! You might be raising a future artist!

via fawnoverbaby.com

 Keep your baby boy calm, cool and composed in this cool blue-themed nursery. The rustic wood wall decor is a sight to behold.

via projectnursery.com

This dark blue-themed nursery is gorgeous. So classy! And the initial on the wall adds a personal touch.

via projectnursery.com

Nurseries for Baby Girls

So sweet!

via pinterest.com

This pink room is fit for a queen!

via projectnursery.com

Salmon and silver grey is such a cool colour combination!

via Pinterest.com

This tone of purple is the right one for your little girl, not too dull nor too bright.

via potterybarnkids.com

And if you’re torn on which colour to choose, why not bring ’em all together? Scarlett would be so happy once her vision improves!

via projectnursery.com

This purple nursery is also easily convertible to an adult room once your baby girl grows up.

via styleestate.com

The baroque style on the headboard of the crib is a go-getter. And that chandelier is just breath taking.

via projectnursery.com

This crib and carriage in one is perfect for your little pumpkin. The subdued peachy colour also adds to the freshness of the room.

via bellebeds.com


Bored with plain walls? You should opt for this one with personalised flowers for your baby girl. Also easily convertible to an adult room in the future.

via theglitterguide.com

Well, bare walls but this floral décor indicating the initial of your baby girl is a sure shot.

via pinterest.com

Did I already say FLORAL? Ugh, these walls are too cute to pass up.

via pinterest.com

Celebrity Nurseries 

The US Bachelorette’s Ali Fedotowsky and husband Kevin Manno has their baby girl’s nursery tidied and cleaned. The textured walls and their dog are an added bonus!

via pinterest.com


Gretchen Wieners is prepared for her first baby girl and most importantly, little Julia’s nursery is just too lovely!

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When former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas Stagliano began planning a baby nursery for son Austin Michael, she started with furniture from evolur and a wooden wall—and built a cowboy-chic themed from there.

via pinterest.com


Blake Lively’s second born is a girl and will be named James. Such a gender neutral name for a baby girl and her nursery is very unisex too!

via pinterest.com


Baby James would have been really comfortable sleeping in this bright and rustic-themed nursery!

via pinterest.com

 “They feel so 90’s to me! I really think children can be stimulated by all sorts of colours and patterns, whether it’s themed or not,” model Coco Rocha said about the nursery of her firstborn.

 When it came to the design, Rocha was adamant that the nursery might not project a “theme” but feel more organic and sophisticated than traditional children’s spaces. “I didn’t want a theme, like ‘zoo’ or ‘space,’” the model quipped.

via mydomaine.com

Babies are angels here on earth, so we might as well give our little bubs a nice place to sleep.

Do you have anything to add to this list? 


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