50+ Women Share The Silliest Things They Cried Over During Pregnancy

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Women confess the most RIDICULOUS things they cried about during pregnancy ranging from cute Kleenex tissue ads on TV, putting their shoes on the wrong feet, dropping food, not being able to tie their own shoe laces or even running out of cheese.

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One of our recent Facebook posts attracted hundreds of replies from women revealing the most bizarre things they cried over during pregnancy. (You can check it out here)

Some of the responses included:

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Silliest Things Women Have Cried Over During Pregnancy

There is often no logical reason at all why women burst into tears during pregnancy. But sometimes the cause of distress can be something their partner did (or didn’t do) or simply running out of their favourite food craving.

Check out what made these women cry as shared with us on SAHM Facebook:


Food cravings seem to be the cause of many meltdowns in pregnant women. Either running out of their food craving or not being able to get it anymore because the shops ran out of it.

50+ Women Share The Silliest Things They Cried Over During Pregnancy | Stay At Home Mum
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  1. My partner brought me red apples when I wanted green.
  2. I wanted more ice cream, but I’d eaten the whole tub already.
  3. I was cooking tea turned the wrong hot plate off and burnt potatoes. Cried so bad I couldn’t breathe.
  4. I ran out of mandarins.
  5. Wanting a sausage from Bunnings
  6. KFC ran out of nuggets
  7. Running out of Milo
  8. I dropped a container of cooked pasta and had to cook more
  9. My husband ate the last 2 slices of cheese.
  10. The bread I got fresh from the bakery the day before wasn’t fresh enough for a sandwich


Needless to say partners are also a big reason lots of pregnant women end up a teary mess. Not surprising really. They can be frustrating at times.

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  1. My husband walked faster than me at Ikea
  2. My husband took his shirt off, I burst into tears because of how good he looked.
  3. My husband bought me back cola instead of OJ from maccas. I was HEART BROKEN!
  4. My husband didn’t put the toilet seat down
  5. My husband got me a chicken burger instead of a hamburger.
  6. My husband ate the grapes
  7. My husband bought me a cinnamon doughnut instead of a strawberry doughnut.
  8. Wetting myself because my husband made me laugh too much and I couldn’t hold it.
  9. My husband not washing my car for me
  10. Husband fell sleep in front of TV (I balled my eyes out that night and the morning after when I relived the moment )
50+ Women Share The Silliest Things They Cried Over During Pregnancy | Stay At Home Mum


Seriously though, do you even need to have a reason for a meltdown when you are dealing with raging pregnancy hormones?

  1. I cried because I was thinking that my (unborn) baby is going to get married one day and leave home.
  2. My nipples changing colour!
  3. Trying to get my knickers on
  4. Losing monopoly
  5. Dropping a spoon and couldn’t pick it up
  6. Cried every time I saw cows. On tv, in a book, in a paddock, on trucks etc
  7. I got stuck in the bath! I was calling for what seemed like hours (probably less than 10mins) eventually husband came and heaved me out.
  8. My dad killed a fly. I cried for an hour…
  9. The traffic light turned red before I got to it
  10. Thinking I’d have an ugly baby!
50+ Women Share The Silliest Things They Cried Over During Pregnancy | Stay At Home Mum


  1. I spilt some of our family dogs wet and dry food when feeding her.
  2. Spilling my hot milo everywhere. I rang my friend and howled.
  3. Spilled my cordial.
  4. Spilt my slurpee.
  5. Dropped my popsicle on the sidewalk.
  6. Someone buying me a drink.
  7. The chocolate milk was the wrong brand.
  8. I spilt my drink on myself.
  9. I couldn’t open the lid on my bottle of orange juice.
  10. Dropped my coffee.
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  1. Huggies commercial on TV
  2. A Kleenex tissue ad. Cute little ducks waddling around a box of tissues. I cried every time I saw it
  3. I cried because I moved a pillow and woke my dog up
  4. Seeing birds fly over, my favourite ones too. I just looked up and cried so hard.
  5. Seeing a dog on the TV!!
  6. The cute puppy in the car next to me looking out the window… cried like a baby sobbing for at least 30 minutes
  7. I ran over a lizard on the road and I got upset because it may have been a mummy lizard leaving babies behind.
  8. While watching a documentary about an Orangutan jungle school when the baby orphaned orangutans were being taught how to open coconuts by the ‘keepers’ because their Mums had died.
  9. I accidentally killed a scary spider, and balled my eyes out
  10. A whale beaching itself on the news and then being freed!

Tell us what made you cry during pregnancy? Join our discussion on FB here. Or just read through and have a good laugh. We know you can relate!

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