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10 Bathroom Renovation Websites To Save Cash

10 Bathroom Renovation Websites To Save Cash

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10 Bathroom Renovation Websites To Save Cash

Does your bathroom need a bit of an update? Bathrooms tend to get a bit tired after about 10 years of constant use.

But with a little bit of love and a little bit of cash – you can make it look brand new.

We have made a list of the best 10 bathroom renovation websites to save cash!

How to Save Money on a Bathroom Renovation

Whether you are selling your home or your bathroom is looking dated – there are cost-effective ways to make your bathroom look slick and modern without spending a fortune. Here are some ideas:

1. Update Your Bathroom Tapware

Expected Cost: From $300 per set

Changing out the tapware is perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to update a bathroom. There are some beautiful options available now, and trending tapware in 2022 includes:

  • Brushed Brass Tapware
  • Matt Black Tapware
  • Touchless Tapware

Rain shower heads are really popular too and give a luxe look and feel to the bathroom.

The best online stores for tapware include:

Crown Adelaide Adelaide Best Dirty Weekend

2. Install a new Bathroom Vanity

Expected Cost: From $1000

The bathroom vanity is the focus, front and centre of your bathroom. And vanities are the workhorses of the bathroom and do show lots of wear and tear. So a brand new, modern vanity can really change and brighten the whole bathroom.

Floating vanities are very popular at the moment – and they make bathrooms look so much larger with the room underneath them.

If a new vanity is out of your budget – look at repainting your current vanity and replacing the top. You can purchase beautiful-looking benchtops at Bunnings. Or if you are game, try making your own concrete benchtop!

Best online stores to look at vanities include:

  • Highgrove Bathrooms
  • Vanity By Design
  • Allure Bathrooms
  • Mimicoco

3. Paint the Tiles

If you cannot afford to re-tile a bathroom (and let’s face it – that is a really huge job) – did you know that you can paint tiles? You do need a special type of paint and lots of preparation – but it makes for a cheap and relatively easy bathroom renovation.

There are a few really good brands of tile paint on the market including:

  • Dulux Renovation Range Tiles & Benchtop Paint
  • Rust-Oleum Tile Transformation Tile Coating System

Alternatively, there are ‘Stick on Tiles’ that are essentially stickers. These would be great for feature tiles – particularly if you live in a rental home where you can’t change the fixtures.

4. Replace the Light Fixtures

Estimated Cost: $400+

Lighting is also a great way to make a bathroom ‘shine’. Downlights are perhaps the cheapest way to really light up a bathroom, or install a new heat lamp. But the current trend is sconce lights around the mirrors.

Try the following websites for the best renovation light fixtures for the bathroom:

5. Tile or Wallpaper The Bathroom Backsplash

If the thought of tiling a whole bathroom makes you a little ill, why not just tile the one wall – a feature tile wall behind the vanity. You can really let your creativity shine. And if tiling is too scary – you can use wallpaper!

Vinyl wallpaper is perfect for bathrooms as it has a higher moisture resistance so it will survive a bit of steam or a splash or two.

Best Bathroom Wallpaper Suppliers:

bigstock Hotel Bathroom Interior With D 460067271 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

6. Install a New Modern Mirror

Estimated cost: $400+

Double mirrors are trending right now – but a new modern mirror is perhaps the cheapest way to update a bathroom and make it look larger. Pill Mirrors, Circular Mirrors and Arch Mirrors (like the image below) are very popular in 2022 – and look terrific with a sconce or two!

Best places to shop for a new Bathroom Mirror:

  • Birch and Oak
  • Highgrove Bathrooms
  • Luxe Mirrors
  • Bathroom Warehouse

7. Replace the Shower Curtain with a Glass Shower Screen

Expected Cost: $750+

Glass shower screens are almost expected in modern bathrooms now. They are relatively easy to clean and make bathrooms appear much larger than they are. There are loads of places to get a good quality glass shower screen that won’t cost the earth!

Try the following stockists for a glass shower screen:

10 Bathroom Renovation Websites to Save Cash:

1. Bathroom Warehouse

Bathroom Warehouse has over 10,000+ bathroom renovation products to choose from and stocks the best brands at the best pricing online. Even better, if you sign up to their newsletter, you get $20 off your first purchase.

Some of the bathroom products they sell include:

  • Bathroom Vanities
  • In-Wall Toilets
  • Rain Showers
  • Tapware
  • Bathtubs
  • Bathroom Mirrors
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Heated Towel Rails

2. Temple and Webster

Temple & Webster has a renovation section on their website – and they have a really great range (to suit all budgets).

They sell:

  • Bathroom Taps & Mixtures
  • Kitchen & Laundry Sinks
  • Bath Tubs and Spa Baths
  • Vanity units
  • Wall Mounted Cabinets
  • Towel Rails & Racks
  • Cabinet Hardware

3. Early Settler

If you love that vintage look or mid-century modern, then Early Settler is the place for you. Lots of reproduction clawfoot baths, old-style bathroom fittings and lighting.

Their Bathroom section specialises in:

  • Vanities
  • Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings
  • Bathroom Mirrors
  • Pedestal Basins
  • Baths

4. The Blue Space

The Blue Space is a modern bathroom super-store with everything you need to update and renovate your bathroom space with the latest innovations and styles.

At The Blue Space, you will find:

  • Bathroom Vanities & Basins
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Toilets and Smart Toilets
  • Mirrors and Shaving Cabinets
  • Tapware
  • Cabinet Furniture

5. Bathrooms on a Budget

Discounted tapware, baths, toilets, mirrors and more. They also stock laundry and kitchen sinks.

6. Bunnings

Now I love Bunnings – but so does everyone else – so if you want a unique bathroom – perhaps don’t shop at Bunnings. And although they aren’t cheap – they do have good deals on bathroom floor tiles – which they always have in stock (which is important).

Bunnings is good for:

  • Floor Tiles
  • Glass Shower Screens
  • Basic Bathroom Vanities
  • Bathroom Tubs and Showers

7. Renovation Junkies

If you want to learn how to renovate your bathroom yourself, it pays to do a Bathroom Renovation Course, and this is what Renovation Junkies offers.

Renovation Junkies quote that the average bathroom renovation is $15000, and of that, $4500 will be profit to the tradesmen. So if you are willing to learn and get your hands dirty – think of the money you can save!

For just $157, you can learn how to project manage your very own bathroom renovation from start to finish.

8. Renovator Store

The Renovator Store is a home improvement website that provides premium home renovation products at affordable prices.

They offer:

  • Bathroom Products
  • Kitchen Products
  • Storage
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor
  • Floorboards
  • Home Theatre

9. Renovation Kingdom

A discount bathroom supply store that ships Australia-wide and also has a showroom in North Parramatta.

10. Home Beautiful

A fantastic website that goes over every question you could ever ask about Bathroom Renovations! Highly recommend!

10 Bathroom Renovation Websites To Save Cash | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

As we find more fantastic bathroom renovation websites – we will add them to this list. So check back!

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