20 Natural Ways to Induce Labour

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20 Natural Ways to Induce Labour

Has your due date come and gone? Unfortunately, it happens, especially to first time mums.

This is the last thing you want to hear so let’s move on to the more important task at hand getting baby out! Below is a collection of  supposed labour-inducing methods. Some swear that they work; others believe they are complete myths, but, hey, at this stage, does it really matter? Ready to get the ball rolling why not give these a go?

Remember to check with your Doctor first!

20 natural ways to induce labour | Stay at Home Mum

8 Proven and Tested Actions to Bring On Baby

Have Sex!

Have sex and orgasm. Two impossible tasks?  At this stage, maybe so but at least it will get your mind off the delayed labour. Sperm is meant to soften and ripen the cervix and prepare your body for baby, provided your body is ready to rock n roll that is!

Bounce Up and Down on a Fit Ball

Dig out that Fit ball out from the cobwebs and start bouncing (not too vigorously!). Getting off the couch and bouncing while watching television can also be good for relaxing your muscles if nothing else.

fit ball | Stay at Home

Walk, lunge and squat

Take a walk (or waddle) around the park, go some squats and lunges and see if this loosens things up down there.

Get some Acupuncture

Have a fear of needles? Then acupuncture is probably not for you. Or, perhaps the thought of having a ton of needles in your back will be enough to scare the baby out?

Massage Those Pressure Points

There are certain pressure points on your feet that have been known to trigger labour. Massage, or acupressure, should be performed by a qualified massage therapist.Nipple Stimulation have a lot of free time on your hands?

Play with Your Nipples!

Nipple stimulation is meant to jump-start labour. However, experts recommend stimulating the nipples for an hour at a time, three times a day. This may leave you sore and swollen before you even have a chance to give breastfeeding a try.

breasts | Stay at Home

Go for a bumpy car ride

This really sounds like a dangerous old wives tale! If you do decide to try it, just make sure it’s not so bumpy that you will cause injury to yourself or bub!

Sitting in the ‘Butterfly Position’.

That is, sitting down with your feet together and knees out. This is a great way to stretch muscles and encourages the body to ‘open’ for birth!

Foods and Drinks You Can Try to Bring on Labour


Eating a lot of pineapples is definitely a safer bet than drinking castor oil. Pineapple contains bromelain which can stimulate the digestive system and may bring on labour.

Spicy Foods

Willing to risk a little heartburn? Then spicy foods may be your best option. Try a spicy curry to see if this does the trick. Just remember that what goes in – must come out!

Raspberry Leaf Tea

This is a herbal beverage that is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy because it has been known to cause the uterus to contract. But now that you’ve full term it’s time for Tea (for two!)

T140AE023 ready set raspberry cube hi res | Stay at Home

We recommend this Pregnancy Tea containing Raspberry Leaf from T2 


This can have a bit of a laxative effect on some people and it’s said that bowel stimulation can bring on labour.

Essential Oils, Homeopathy and Naturopathy

These methods should only be used after consultation with your obstetrician, midwife, GP and/or naturopath. Please do not use natural therapies off your own bat! 

Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil is a strong oil and can cause headaches and nausea if used too often or in too high doses. However, it can also bring on those contractions! Add a few drops in your bath, place some on a tissue and stick it into your bra, add a few drops on your pillow or use it as a massage oil.

Evening Primrose Oil

Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil 190 capsules | Stay at Home

This is another ‘cervix ripening’ oil that comes in capsule form. It may be taken orally from 35 weeks and can also be inserted internally from 38 weeks to help soften the cervix for easier contractions.

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Blowing up balloons

Yep – weird.  Not sure what the scientific reason is for this, but some women swear by it!

bigstock Happy Young Woman With Colorfu 54844271 | Stay at Home

Swallowing Sperm

Yes well. Up to you.  It won’t hurt you that’s for sure!

Castor Oil and Ginger Ale mixed together (please see note below re: castor oil)

Just don’t.  Dangerous.

Perineum Stretches

The perineum is that smooth bit of skin between the vagina and the anus.

Wearing your very best, most expensive undies and skirt

Because Murphy’s law says your water will break when you’re wearing your best.

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The Blush Labour Gown by Silk and More

There are hundreds of other suggestions as well  – some may work and some not. Also there are quite a few that are potentially dangerous such as drinking castor oil (can cause abdominal cramps, vomiting, and diarrhoea – not the best way to kick-start labour in my view!) or taking black/blue cohosh (I would consult your midwife obstetrician first as this can have adverse effects on the baby).
More often than not, it is a really good idea to discuss any of these natural labour induction techniques with your midwife/obstetrician before trying them, as every pregnancy is different and they could all have different effects on different people.

Good luck!

20 Natural Ways to Induce Labour | Stay at Home

For further advice about your health and pregnancy, you can call one of the health hotlines available in Australia – for a list of these numbers, click here! 

Please note that SAHM is not responsible for any illness, injury or death occurring from misuse of this advice. Use this information at your own risk. Please consult with your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns about your pregnancy.

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