Where to Buy French Flax Linen Sheets in Australia

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Where to Buy French Flax Linen Sheets in Australia

There is nothing more luxurious than butter-soft French Flax Linen Sheets..

French Flax Linen Sheets are the ultimate luxury bed sheets. They are light, snuggly, they get softer with every wash and they last and last and last. Sure, they are a heady financial investment – but if you are looking for quality over price – you really can’t go wrong!

Where to Buy French Flax Linen Sheets in Australia | Stay At Home Mum

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What is French Flax Linen?

French Flax Linen sheets are made from the very best flax plants which are three times stronger than cotton. Specialized flax plants like those grown in France have been bred over generations to produce the very best textiles in the world.

In fact, French Flax Linen was worn by the likes of the Romans (yes their toga’s were made of French Flax Linen) and even King Tut was buried wearing a Flax Linen Tunic.

Why is French Flax Linen So Expensive?

Cultivation of the flax plant is incredibly tedious and time-consuming. The Flax is very difficult to spin and there are many very labor-intensive steps in production. This cost has to be passed on to the consumer.

Why are French Flax Linen Sheets So Good?

French Flax Linen is highly absorbent (great for us menopausal women who sweat a lot). It is temperature regulating, keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. And it washes beautifully – getting softer with each wash. French Flax Linen is also very hypo-allergenic, so if you suffer from eczema or any other skin disorders, it is a perfect choice.

A good set of French Flax Linen Sheets will last so long, your kids can inherit them!

And another fantastic feature of French Flax Linen is that it is environmentally friendly. The harvesting process leaves no environmental footprint and it is totally biodegradable.

So Where Can I Buy French Flax Linen in Australia?

We have collated a list of the most reputable French Flax Linen sellers right here in Australia:

Temple & Webster is a large bedding website that sells a variety of brands – the French Flax Linen brands they carry include their own brand of French Flax Linen, Bambury, Renee Taylor, Violette Casa, and more.

They also offer many deals including a ‘Spend and Save’ special – so you are more likely to get your French Flax Linen Sheets cheaper at Temple & Webster than anywhere else.

2. Ecosa

Ecosa is typically known for selling world-class mattresses, but they also stock a great range of bedding including gorgeous French Flax Linen sets. They often have sales (at the time of writing they had a 25% off sale) – so are worth checking out. Ecosa doesn’t have an extensive range – just the basics – but beautiful basics.

3. Salt Living

Salt Living sells all things French Flax Linen – from doona covers and cushions, to the more traditional sheet sets. All the bedding is designed by Queenslander Jacinta Bishop, and their products are certified by the European Flax Standard, so you know you are getting the real thing!

4. Bambury

Popular bedding brand Bambury also stocks beautiful French Flax Linen pieces including valances, placemats, and coverlets. Not an extensive range – but they do have beautiful basic white sheet sets that I have my eye on!

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Other French Flax Linen Stockists in Australia:

We are constantly updating our list of reputable sellers for French Flax Linen Sheets in Australia, so bookmark this post come back from time to time and check it out.

If you want to be added to our list – please drop us a line at [email protected]

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