15 Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners in Australia 2022

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15 Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners in Australia 2022

Stick vacuums have made significant growth over the last decade, and the top models can now compete with their corded rivals in terms of suction power and the simplicity with which they may be maneuvered.

They also weigh less than corded vacuums, which makes them easier to carry about the home and put away, especially if you have limited storage space.

Because there are so many alternatives available, selecting the best cordless stick vacuum for your house may be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. This is where we come in to help!

10 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

Stick Vacuum Versus Traditional Vacuum Cleaner

Stick vacuum cleaners that run on batteries are quickly gaining market share at the expense of more conventional cylinder and upright models. But should you do rid of the wire and switch to a stick vacuum?

A number of factors, including the size, layout, and flooring of the house, the types of surfaces you intend to clean with the vacuum, and your own personal preferences and abilities, will influence the type of vacuum you choose.

A cordless stick vacuum is convenient for fast clean-ups of open floors and stairs. A traditional vacuum is the best option if you have pets, need to clean a large area, have a variety of flooring types, and also want to clean other surfaces, such as windows and furnishings.

I think it’s best to have both on hand. For heavier-duty cleaning, I rely on my traditional vacuum, while my stick vacuum, which is attached on a charging station, does the lighter everyday cleaning.

10 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Stick Vacuum

1. Power

When shopping for a stick vacuum, suction power is a crucial factor. Some stick vacuums may be plugged into the wall outlet, while others rely on rechargeable batteries. The latter is much more practical, but a battery-powered stick vacuum is the better buy if you want to use it often.

If you don’t do this, you can end up having to charge your vacuum after each time you use it, which, after a while, might get rather annoying. If you want to use a cordless vacuum cleaner, you’ll need to think about where you’ll store the charger while it’s not in use, and whether or not the type you’re considering has enough power to get the job done between charges.

2. Capacity

Choose a vacuum with a large enough capacity to clean your home effectively. This relates to the quantity of space that the vacuum consumes, as well as the amount of dirt and debris that it is capable of holding, and whether or not it is sufficient for your demands.

If you need to clear a lot of dirt, say, from many big rooms, a vacuum with a greater capacity would be ideal. However, if your home consists of just a few tiny rooms, a vacuum with a lower capacity may be more appropriate given that you will likely only need to clean a little area at a time.

3. Noise Levels

When shopping for a vacuum, it’s also vital to think about how loud it is, as most people appreciate peace and quiet above all else in their homes.

Not all stick vacuums are created equal, and although many are quieter than older versions, others may be extremely loud. A vacuum cleaner with a low noise level should be considered if regular use is in your future, particularly if you live in a multi-unit building and care about maintaining good relations with your neighbors.

4. Filters

Most stick vacuums include filters that can be easily removed and swapped out for fresh ones if they become clogged.

Filters are often constructed out of paper or synthetic fibers, and its primary purpose is to collect dirt and dust particles. Therefore, selecting a vacuum that allows simple filter replacement is important for maintaining your vacuum’s effectiveness and performance.

5. Warranty

You need to check the manufacturer’s warranty. There is a standard two-year guarantee offered by the majority of manufacturers, with some even going up to five. Warranties not only provide you piece of mind, but also assist protect you against defective items by guaranteeing that you only buy from trustworthy vendors.

Here Are The 15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022

Best Budget Stick Vacuums:

Black & Decker 18V Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

The POWERSERIES 2 in 1 Stick + Hand Vacuum is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces and other areas. It’s like having two vacuum cleaners in one, and it can be used on stairs, furniture, and other surfaces that are hard to access. 

The dustbuster’s handle may be folded in half to make it more compact when not in use, and the device can stand on its own so that it can be kept in the upright position. With an easily-removable, washable dirt bowl and filter, maintaining your vacuum’s performance is a breeze. 

10 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

Electrolux Ergorapido 18V Stick Vacuum

There’s nowhere you can’t clean with the Electrolux Ergorapido. Its 2-in-1 versatility allows you to clean surfaces other than the floor, such as counters, furniture, and hard to reach locations, with the help of its detachable handheld unit.

Moreover, Ergorapido has a high-performance Lithium TurboPower battery that allows it to clean more thoroughly and for longer (up to 30 mintues). With an ergonomic design and a low center of gravity, this lightweight vacuum cleaner is incredibly simple to use.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

Samsung Jet 60 Fit Cordless Stick Vacuum

With a weight of less than 5 pounds, the SAMSUNG Jet 60 Fit Cordless Stick Vacuum is the most portable and lightweight Jet Stick vacuum. The combination of their innovative Jet Cyclone technology and robust Digital Inverter motor provides a constant 150 Air Watt of suction force, allowing for superior cleaning results on both carpets and hard floors. .

The Samsung Jet 60 Fit has a replaceable 21.6V battery that provides 40 minutes of suction time on the lowest power level and can be simply switched out for a spare.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

Best Stick Vacuums for Pet Owners

Dyson V10 Animal Handstick Vacuum

This new cleaning head is their most effective model to date. This one offers a choice between three different power settings, making it suitable for any job on any kind of floor. This cordless vacuum from Dyson, the Cyclone V10 Animal, can be converted into a handheld unit in a matter of seconds, making it ideal for rapid clean-ups, spot cleaning, and cleaning tricky areas.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum

The cordless vacuum cleaner from Dyson called the V8 Animal is designed specifically for households who have pets. The battery chemistry allows for up to 40 minutes of continuous suction, allowing for thorough cleaning.

The HEPA filtration used throughout the machine removes allergens and produces air that is cleaner than the air you breathe. Additionally, the machine can be transformed into a portable device that may be used for cleaning surfaces other than the floor.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Slim Cordless Stick Vacuum

The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Slim cordless stick vacuum may be used to clean up pet messes practically everywhere in the house. They designed it with their unique Tangle-Free Brush Roll so you can say goodbye to the frustration of tangled hair in your vacuum’s brushes.

The Pet Hair Eraser Slim cordless vac can be quickly transformed into a handheld vacuum, and it may be used in conjunction with the 3-in-1 spinning pet hair upholstery tool and the crevice tool brush to clean upholstery, stairs, and other soft surfaces often plagued by dust and debris.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum

The Motorbar floorhead of the Dyson V11 performs very well in removing dirt and dust from high-pile carpet, making this model an excellent choice for thorough cleaning. Pet hair is no match for its suction power, and even with a full dirt bin, it performs a serviceable job.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

Electrolux Ultimate Home 900 Pet Stick Vacuum

This strong motorized nozzle of this cordless 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner was developed particularly for pet owners, so it is effective at removing pet hair from couches and other upholstered surfaces.

The 180° EasySteer mobility makes it simple to move and steer the chair on a wide variety of ground types. The 2-in-1 detachable handset is ideal for cleaning places that are difficult to access, such as the inside of your vehicle or the stairs in your home.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

Miele Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog Cordless Vacuum

The Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is able to fully adjust to meet your special needs, making it ideal for fast cleaning. You have the option of attaching the PowerUnit of your Miele Triflex HX1 Vacuum Cleaner to either the top or the bottom of the machine.

Because of this, you can easily vacuum beneath flat furniture or over wide expanses without any difficulty, making it an excellent choice for those who have pets.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

Kogan Z11 Pet Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Kogan Z11 Absolute Extra Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner makes arduous chores like cleaning the home seem like a stroll in the park because to its astounding 25kPa of suction force, 400W Brushless DC Electric Motor, and variable power settings.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

5 Best Stick Vacuums in Australia

1. Dyson V8 Cord-Free Cordless Vacuum

This cordless stick vacuum boasts the most strong suction of any other cordless stick vacuum, making it ideal for effective cleaning with less effort. In addition, the newest Motorbar cleaner head equipped with hair detangling technology has polycarbonate hair removal vanes that automatically remove wrapped hair from the brush bar as you clean.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

2. Dyson V10 Absolute+ Cordless Vacuum

Dyson’s Cyclone V10 Motorhead vacuum has a strong, fade-free suction that may last for up to 60 minutes. More efficient cleaning with less time spent stopping thanks to the 40% larger bin.

The vacuum’s sanitary “point and shoot” dirt disposal technology and high-tech filtration system provide for cleaner air output. Included in the package are five different tools and accessories, one of which is a motorized cleaner head that provides intense cleaning.

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3. Roborock H6 Cordless Vacuum

The Roborock H6 leverages Roborock’s expertise making robot vacuums to a cordless stick vacuum, offering a new, more powerful cleaning option. The 420w motor powers the 25000Pa of suction power in this quiet stick vacuum, which operates at only 72dB. Its lightweight Lithium-Ion Polymer battery can clean non-top surfaces for up to 90 minutes while still being very efficient!

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

4. Dyson V15 Detect

The laser identifies the particles that are ordinarily invisible to the naked eye and makes dust on hard floors visible, ensuring that nothing is overlooked throughout the cleaning process. The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute vacuum includes a new and improved HEPA post-motor filter, which allows it to capture even smaller particles (down to 0.1 microns) than its predecessor.

A simple click detaches the wand, exposing a ready-to-use crevice tool that has been stashed away within the device for on-the-spot cleaning.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

5. Dyson Outsize Total Clean

The Dyson Outsize+ is the business’s most powerful cordless intelligent vacuum cleaner, and it has laser light. It is built with the suction power, increased run time, a bigger size, and specialized equipment that are meant to thoroughly clean the whole house. The Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head, equipped with a laser, can detect even the tiniest particle of dust on hard surfaces.

You can clean up high, down low, and anywhere in between with the help of this cordless vacuum’s adaptable format, which can be converted into a handled vacuum with just one click.

15 Best Stick Vacuums Cleaners in Australia 2022 | Stay At Home Mum

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