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Why Everyone Should Have A Wallpaper In Their Nursery - Stay at Home Mum

Why Everyone Should Have A Wallpaper In Their Nursery

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Why Everyone Should Have A Wallpaper In Their Nursery

For at least six months after your baby is born, you will spend hours on end in the nursery.

Be it changing or feeding the baby; the nursery will become a hub.

It is here that you will sing lullabies for hours on end, read bedtime stories and even coax your baby back to sleep. With all this time spent in one room, it makes sense that you would want to update it.

A few scrolls online will have you realizing that more people are moving towards wallpaper rather than paint. Is there more to it? Should you also invest in wallpaper and do away with the paintbrush?

Why Everyone Should Have A Wallpaper In Their Nursery | Stay At Home Mum

We have some answers!

Is Wallpapering a Nursery a Good Idea?

Are you stuck on whether you should paint or wallpaper your nursery? We have a few interesting factors you may want to consider when making this critical decision:

The Cost

Did you know that removable wallpapers come cheap? Of course, this was not always the case. A few decades back, investing in wallpaper required you to put up enough money for the paper and the labor. In addition, installing and removing the wallpaper was a hassle, and if you did not get it right, you damaged the walls. That is why some people think that upfront wallpapering costs are high.

However, wallpapers have since evolved and now come at more affordable costs. Of all options, using nursery wallpaper might be the most cost-effective choice for your home. Besides, it comes in a variety of types and materials.

So, if you find that one option is way beyond your budget, you can always get an alternative. You will also find that removable wallpaper comes with less application fuss and suits just about any decoration need. Plus, unlike painting, wallpapering does not require touchup over time!

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The Installation

Installing wallpaper has come a long way from a few decades ago. You no longer work up a sweat when installing the paper. If anything, most people have learned how to DIY their nursery wallpapers and look at these as home projects. Of course, hiring a professional gives you a much better result. However, for small sections of the nursery, you can always try your hand at your DIY skills- you may get it right.

The deal gets even better! Unlike paint which shows where every dent in your wall is, wallpapers hide the imperfections! So, even if your wall looks unsightly, nobody will be the wiser. Of course, you need to ensure that you match the wallpaper and keep the installation as clean as possible. As a bonus, the wallpaper also protects the wall from further damage. It is imperative in homes with high traffic as people often bump into the walls. Paint cannot award you such protection. Instead, it points out all the mistakes you have made.

The Variety

Sure, you can argue that paint colors are unlimited, and you can always find what you need. However, the finishing options are not as many as you would like. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to even create a pattern with paint that can eat into your budget. Add the fact that you cannot get textured options, and wallpapers suddenly look like a great option.

What makes wallpapers the better choice as far as variety goes? First, you get to enjoy an array of designs and colors. So, whether you want textures or glitter, you will find a paper that boasts such a finish. Secondly, you can get textured patterns with raised inks and elements. Furthermore, you can get geometric pieces to influence the mood in the room, which you cannot easily achieve with paint.

Do you want to know what makes wallpapering even better? If you choose a removable wallpaper, you can always take it off and install another one. It surely beats having to paint over a wall. Keep in mind that as your baby grows, their needs will change. The ability to quickly adapt to these changes will ensure that the baby enjoys the room more.

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The Longevity

Other than upfront costs, it would help if you also thought of how long the wallpaper can last. So, let us start with the average paint job- you can expect it to last about ten years. However, in a high-traffic area like a nursery, the paint job will likely not hold up this long without touchups. Getting touchups that match the original color can be a hassle. Moreover, painting does not protect the wall much. By the time you need to get rid of it and start afresh, you must once again prep the wall and fix any damages.

Is wallpaper any different? Sure! Wallpaper lasts as much as 15 years if maintained as advised by the manufacturer. So, your baby can enjoy the wallpaper up to their teenage years. In most cases, though, the wallpaper lasts about five to ten years, even in high-traffic areas. Get this- wallpapers do not require touchups like paint. Instead, you can clean their surfaces, leaving them looking bright just as the day you installed them. Sometimes, the seams lift, but you can fix this with a bit of adhesive.

The Temporary Effect

Painting a nursery in a rental home is not the best idea. Not only will you not get to enjoy the painting for long, but it can also get in the way of your lease agreement. You need to first get a go-ahead from the landlord, and this comes with some challenges. But with removable wallpaper, you are free to install and remove it as you need without getting anyone’s approval. In addition, the papering does not harm the wall and will not get in the way of getting your deposit back. So, you can comfortably create a little mother and child haven as often as you like.

Why Everyone Should Have A Wallpaper In Their Nursery | Stay At Home Mum

Tips on Using Wallpaper

Here are some tips to help you wallpaper the room for a beautiful haven-like effect:

  • Create an accent wall if you are using an overwhelming pattern. You can then use the other walls as functional areas and line them with shelves and whatnots.
  • Line the ceiling with wallpaper to give the baby something to enjoy while lying on the crib.

Also, feel free to impart your style in the room by playing around with colors and patterns.

Enjoy decorating your nursery!

Why Everyone Should Have A Wallpaper In Their Nursery | Stay At Home Mum
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