10 Alternative Uses For Flour

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10 Alternative Uses For Flour

Flour, the hardest working baking ingredient, also has numerous uses around the house that have nothing to do with cooking!

1. Make Salt Dough

To make this simple dough, just mix 3 cups flour with 1 cup water, a quarter of a cup of salt, and 1-2 tablespoons vegetable oil. You can even add a few drops of food colouring, if you like. Knead the dough until it’s uniform, then mould it into whatever shapes you desire. Bake in the oven for an hour at 125ºC to harden.

2. Make Play Dough

Similar to modelling clay but not meant for baking, play dough is easy to make and lasts a lot longer. Check out our easy playdough recipes here!

3. Make Cloud Dough

Cloud dough is a fun and funky sensory experience for children. Just mix 8 cups flour with 1 cup of baby oil. Cloud dough feels a lot like flour, but it’s mouldable!

4. Refresh a Deck of Cards

Refresh an old deck of cards by dropping all the cards (loose) into a paper bag with about a quarter of a cup of flour. The thirsty flour will soak up all the oils and grime from years of dirty fingers and greasy snacks.

5. Deter Ants

Help keep ants at bay by sprinkling a thick line of flour wherever you see them entering or exiting. Supposedly, they won’t cross the barrier.

6. Buff Steel

Use dry flour and a cloth rag to buff your stainless steel sink and appliances. Apply it dry with elbow grease, then rinse it off and let it shine.

7. Polish Copper

You can also polish copper using a mixture of equal parts flour, salt, and white vinegar. Apply the paste to your metal, allow it to dry, then buff it off. The copper beneath should be shiny like new.

8. Make Paper Mache

We all did this in primary school, but this project is a bit more advanced than the standard balloon globe. Try making these gorgeous bowls using vintage paper!

9. Make a Natural Acne Serum

Mix up equal parts of flour and or honey agave nectar, and apply a dab of the mixture to the pimple. Cover with a band aid overnight, and in the pimple swelling should be down considerably.

10. Sprinkle it on Pumpkin or Potato Plants

Many gardeners swear by this old, all-natural pest control tip. To rid yourself of buggy predators, simply sprinkle the pumpkin or potato plants with a fine layer of flour.

Got any other alternative uses for flour? Let us know!

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