10 Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls

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10 Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls

The men in my family don’t believe in changing the toilet roll – it is quite infuriating.

However, with little kids, I do tend to bundle them up and send them to school or daycare (but bear in mind that some daycare and school policies won’t allow this – check with them first!).  But as a frugal person, I don’t want to just throw them away.  Here are my 10 uses for toilet paper rolls – how I repurpose them!

1. Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle Extension

Simply tape the toilet paper roll onto the vacuum hose for a few extra inches of length to get to those hard to reach places or gently squash one end to use the “nozzle” in small areas like window and door tracks.

9bb0e9cba6320ec9b1ed207408f06def | Stay at Home

2. Electrical and Computer Cord Tidies

These are great for using extension cords when storing and also to keep the hairdryer or straightener cords tidy and tangle-free in the bathroom. The toilet paper rolls look great if you cover them with some nice contact or paper first!

bog roll cable storage | Stay at Home

3. Small Gift Pouch

Paint or cover the roll and decorate the toilet paper roll then pinch together each end of the roll sealing one end. Place any small gift item inside. It could be some lollies, a small ornament, jewellery (it’s a good idea to maybe wrap jewellery in tissue paper first.) money or any small gift item.

Then pinch to close the other end and seal however you’d like — tape, a nice sticker, some twine (use a hole punch then thread twine through and tie in a bow), ribbon etc.

Easy Gift Box DIYs | Stay at Home

4. Toy Binoculars for Kids

Join two toilet paper rolls together, let the kids paint them. Once dry, the kids will love pretending to be explorers or pirates etc.

TP Roll Binoculars Craft | Stay at Home

5. Musical Shakers

Seal up one end of the toilet paper roll by placing a small piece of cardboard over the opening then taping in place. Part fill with rice and seal up the other end the same way. Instant music/noise makers!

g | Stay at Home

6. Storage Cylinders for Kids’ Art Work

Toilet paper rolls make great storage cylinders for the kid’s artwork. Roll up the masterpiece and slide into a roll. Doing this keeps them safe and tidy. This also works a treat for storing wrapping paper.

Toilet paper roll crafts monsters Crafts Unleashed | Stay at Home

7. Make Little People

Let the kids make each one into a little person. They can decorate them with faces and wool for hair then add clothes with either felt pens, clothing, shapes cut from different patterned or coloured papers or material. Hey, they do it on play school!

IMG 5010 | Stay at Home

8. Bird Treats

Roll the tube in some peanut butter then roll that in bird seed. Simply place it over a tree branch and the birds will love it!

DSC 1222 | Stay at Home

9. Fire Starters

All you need for these are empty rolls and dryer lint. Yep, that’s right! After a few loads going through the dryer, you should have collected enough lint to fill the tube. When you are ready to use it, quite simply place it under some wood in the fireplace or chiminea or bonfire, strike a match and light it up.

toilet roll fire | Stay at Home

10. Stationary Organisers

Standing the rolls on end, place as many as you can fit (varying in height if you’d like) into a decorated or covered shoe box. You can then place pens, pencils, felt pens/textas glue sticks, anything you’d like into each section and it will keep it all neat and tidy while being able to see exactly what you have.


1429552622 desk caddy toilet paper roll | Stay at Home

It’s a good idea before re-purposing toilet rolls to give them a spray with something like Glen 20 to kill any bacteria that may be on the surface.

Do you know other uses for toilet paper rolls?

10 Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls | Stay At Home Mum

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