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Dogs and humans are completely inseparable beings. Companionship is one of the primary reasons of pet ownership.

We treat them not just a night watch dog, but more of a furry family member whom we share countless memories. Our daily encounters with them changes a lot in our personality. Subconsciously, it also influences our buying behaviour for dogs. In fact, Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world with approximately 4.2 million pet dogs!

One of the most popular breeds in Australia is the fun-natured and friendly Labrador Retriever. The reasons for loving this agile dog breed could go endless but we’re digging 15 facts for lab lovers like you!

1. Labs love watersports

Labrador Retrievers | Stay At Home Mum
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Yes, labs can easily wade in water because of their waterproof coat that keeps them warm and helps them float. Try to bring them fishing with you and they will help you hook your best catch!

2. Three shades of a retriever’s coat

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If Grey has 50 shades, lab retrievers only have three colours — black, chocolate and yellow. Your dog’s colour can be attributed to two combined genes which enhance coat pigmentation. The dominant gene determines how light or dark they are.

3. He’s not just a mere dog, but a ‘re-PUP-lican’!

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This is way too ridiculous, but anything can happen in this crazy ol’ world! A cross-bred black Labrador named Bosco from Sunol, California ran for a mayoralty race with two other HUMAN candidates. He used a ‘PUP’-ular advocacy — “A bone in every dish, a cat in every tree, and a fire hydrant on every corner.” Yes, he became the honorary mayor in 1981 and he served Sunol until his death in 1994.

4. The rescue dog

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Labs can develop a keen sense of smell that easily detects a bomb. Around 70% of this kind of breed are preferred to be guide dogs. Now, you will feel secure when you have a lab in your household.

5. A lively gym buddy

Labrador Retrievers | Stay At Home Mum
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You should also increase your stamina if you want to own a lab because this type of dog needs regular exercise. They are naturally playful dogs that love outdoor activities like fetching a bone or grabbing that morning paper. So, you’d better keep up with your dog!

6. Best dog for your family

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Lab retrievers will take up a lot of space in your home and your heart as well. They are just so lovely and adorable even if they just wag their tails. Who wouldn’t want to love a dog who loves you and your children very dearly?

7. The Lab aroma

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When their coats become soggy, they exude a strong “dog” aroma.

A regular bath with dog shampoo and conditioner can do the trick.

8. Longer lifespan of 12 years

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Most labs have strong bones and muscles so they rarely get an injury. Most labs live up to 12 years and most deaths are just from old age.

9. A sucker for anything

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These dogs stuff almost anything in their mouth — from food, rubber balls to rocks (oh, that could really hurt!) This tendency often leads to a sudden weight gain. From now on, you have to observe two diets: your dog and yours.

10. The Sociable pooch

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Being sociable is one of the unique traits of retrievers. They can be extra friendly to anyone especially to kids but their loyalty is their best trait yet. Socialising them as early as possible can also help them stay comfortable and calm with the pack.

11. Double-coated breed

Labrador Retrievers | Stay At Home Mum
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These two coats help our adorable friends to adjust their body temperature under needed instances. Their outer coat is compact while the inner coat is water-resistant.

12. A terrific therapist

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There is really something about humans that labs cannot live without and vice versa. Some people even bring a lab to visit the elderly in aged care homes. Their affection is really contagious to anyone they meet which makes them lovable. It’s their sensitivity and intelligence that make them almost human.

13. Obedience wins a thousand smiles

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They can easily follow whatever routine you teach them and even do chores which make them your perfect buddy for life. I guess their obedience reflects ours too.

14. Putin’s love for Lab

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Even a stern man succumbs to a dog’s winning sweet nature. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his black dog, Koni created such unique bond with each other. Koni was given to Putin as a gift in 2000. Wherever his meetings are, Koni is there to accompany his human. In the absence of Putin, Koni’s behaviour can be quite uncontrollable apparently!

15. They are just simply the happiest dogs in the whole wide world!

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This is just proof that having labrador retrievers can be a magical addition to your life. Friendship knows no boundaries between a lab and their owner!

Would you consider a Labrador for a new pet?

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