100 Thoughts Mums Have During COVID

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100 Thoughts Mums Have During COVID

100 Thoughts Mums Have During COVID

2020, what a dumpster-fire-chaotic-mess of a year/decade/century it has been.

Its been a stressful time for everyone as we’ve tried to navigate our way through this global pandemic. If you have spent most of COVID wondering how long you are going to be able to keep it together for, you’re not alone, here are 100 thoughts Mums had during COVID. 

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1. Oh, homeschooling this will be fun. 

2. Agh, I’m going to have to buy a printer. 

3. Wow, I didn’t know my 6-year-old could write so well.

4. Oh, he really doesn’t know many sight words, is he behind? Have I missed a learning delay?!

5. If I have to homeschool one more week I am going to become an alcoholic.

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6. What am I going to do if the bottle shop runs out of Gin?

7. Maybe I should plant a lime tree! 

8. Actually, now would be the perfect time to plant that vegetable garden on my Pinterest.

9. Geez, seeds are expensive!

10. How do you keep possums away?

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11. What are these little bugs? 

12. Everything died! I’m going to have to buy more seeds. 

13. Great, the good seeds are sold out. Carrots it is!

14. F*** this I’m going to order vegetables online, I don’t have time for this sh*t. 

15. I love working from home, I never want to go back to the office. 

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16. Good lord! Let me out of here. I need to see adults!

17. Why is my work so busy?

18. Why is everyone online whinging about having to go to work while everyone else is getting Jobkeeper, you should be happy you still have a job! 

19. I am so over all of these influencers pretending to love lockdown. 

20. I wish I was a Kardashian, I could isolate in a mansion too. 

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21. That plant I got for Christmas is going pretty well, maybe I should get another one. 

22. Oh my God, there are so many pretty plants at Bunnings. 

23. I’m just going to tell my husband these were on sale.

24. I did not know that you could get so many nice pots from Kmart. 

25. Now I have more pots than plants, back to Bunnings. 

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26. There are way too many people down that aisle.

27. Look how cute that dog collar is! Should we get a dog? That would entertain the kids and I am almost out of paddle pop sticks after all. 

28. How do you stop puppies from eating soil? 

29. Why did I think it was a good idea to get a puppy? 

30. I need a drink. 


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31. Should I binge watch Tiger King? 

32. Well, that was a hot mess, I should turn Netflix off and read. 

33. Should I start a book club?

34. I miss my friends! 

35. Well, I won’t have to clean the house because there are no visitors anyway. 

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36. And it’s nice not having to rush to too many places. 

37. Do I commit to too much?

38. I’m definitely going to take it slow after COVID, just say yes to a few things. 

39. Well, this family calendar was a giant waste of money. 

40. Oh, pasta machines are on sale, I really do need one of those. 

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41. Where can I buy an elliptical machine? 

42. How did I not know this national park was here? 

43. Running feels so good! I am will definitely keep this up after COVID. 

44. It’s so nice spending all this time together as a family. 

45. I am the Queen of Craft. I should probably start a blog or something.

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46. Wow, this is really messy. 

47. Who are these brats on Youtube that my kids are watching?

48. Should I start a Youtube channel for my kids? 

49. Bluey! This is better. This has to be the greatest kids show ever made.

50. I relate to Chilli on a spiritual level. 

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51. Oh God, we’ve watched all of the episodes. 

52. Can my neighbours hear me yelling?

53. Why is my husband taking so long at the grocery store? 

54. Honestly, it doesn’t take this long to find a sourdough starter.

55. If I get COVID and die will my husband know how to look after everyone and everything? 

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56. Great he came home with nothing. 

57. Someone in my Mum tribe will know where to find a sourdough starter. 

58. What I wouldn’t give for a night out with the girls! 

59. How much is too much to spend on glitter? 

60. Oh, hot glue guns are on sale”¦ add to cart. 

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61. How long can we survive if one of us loses our job? 

62. Why didn’t I put money aside for things like this? I’m going to start a new account, Funds in Case of Another Global Pandemic.  

63. Should we withdraw our Super? 

64. Why is the Centrelink website so difficult? 

65. Why do they ask all the same questions every time I fill out a form?
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66. Are they trying to catch me out? 

67. Oh my god have I filled this out wrong? They’re going to come for me!

68. Great, my desk succulent is dead”¦ back to Bunnings. 

69. If I have to listen to the Frozen soundtrack again I’m going to stab my ears with chopsticks. 

70. Why are all podcasts about murder? 

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71. Oh, Chris Dawson definitely killed his wife, no doubt, no doubt.

72. Should I start a podcast?

73. Is that a pink plant?!? Well, I can’t leave without that. 

74. Great now Kmart is out of pots too! If they don’t restock their shelves soon I’m going to lose it!

75. That lady is coughing, run!

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76. That coffee machine looks exactly like that expensive one I wanted! I’m going to get it”¦ treat yo’ self girl, you’ve saved so much money on takeaway coffee. 

77. This coffee tastes like sh*t, when are the cafes going to open again?

78. Are all of my favourite places going to go bankrupt? I’ll be stuck drinking this dirty dishwater forever! 

79. How long can I go without shaving my legs? 

80. I’ll need to buy more tights. 

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81. Will I be able to fit into my jeans after this? 

82. Meh, who cares! Imma make another batch of cookies!

83. Domestic goddess right here!

84. Thank god it’s finally Sunday, time for a Mimosa with breakfast!

85. Wait! Is it Sunday? It might be Monday? 

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86. Oh well, it’s Sunday somewhere!

87. Am I too old for Tik Tok? 

88. How am I going to explain to everyone that I sprained my ankle trying to make a Tik Tok video?

89. At least I can hide my wrist from everyone in my Zoom meeting.

90. Oh, sh*t did my boss just see my kid run past naked?

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91. Wait that’s his toddler in the background playing with”¦ is that a mankini she’s trying to play dress-up with? 

92. HAHA not so intimidating now are you?!

93. If you take a screenshot on Zoom can everyone see it?

94. Oooh, Facebook invite!

95. Why am I in the B group? That’s rough. She was my bridesmaid and I’m not even in her top 10. 

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96. How am I going to plan my kid’s birthday without offending everyone I know? 

97. Oh, wait you can’t. 

98. I need a drink. 

99. Do bottle shops deliver?

100. What day is it? 

100 Thoughts Mums Have During COVID | Stay At Home Mum

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