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6 Bathroom Storage Ideas That Won't Break the Budget - Stay at Home Mum

6 Bathroom Storage Ideas That Won’t Break the Budget

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6 Bathroom Storage Ideas That Won’t Break the Budget

Why are bathrooms always lacking in storage space?

They’re supposed to be practical, highly functional rooms, and yet, we’re always struggling to hang a towel.

The good news is that it’s quite simple to expand bathroom storage without breaking the budget. Chances are you already have suitable items waiting to be used or a trip to Kmart or Bunnings will equip you with the materials for the job.

By following these bathroom supplies and  storage ideas, clutter can quickly become a thing of the past. Keeping mum, dad, and the kids organised is no easy task, but functional home storage is a great place to start.

For more technical tasks, call the team at Plumber Near Me, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond. For simple DIY solutions, explore the ideas below.

1. Add Some Over the Toilet Storage

Unless there’s a window positioned above, you should really consider adding some over the toilet storage shelves. This typically wasted space is ideal for a floating wall shelf, shelves, or a smartly designed cabinet with room at the base for you and the loo.

The additional shelf space can take care of the air freshener, some decoration and your toilet roll holder, so it always remains within reach. Keep a magazine or book stowed up there for when you’re chasing that highly desirable toilet reading solitude – maybe best reserved for when the kids are at school or down for a nap.

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2. Introduce a Bathroom Caddy

A bathroom caddy is great for adding storage when you lack in shelves and free drawer space. This is essentially a small storage cabinet on wheels that’s capable of moving freely around your floor space.

Use it for towel storage and for any other items that don’t have a permanent place. Go for a slim storage cabinet so that it can be wheeled into any crevice out of your way when not in use, like the narrow space between the bath and toilet.

If you’re feeling creative or want to change your partner’s drinking habits, consider converting a bar cart into a functional bathroom trolley.

bigstock Different Colored Towels On A 342667459 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

3. A Vanity Organiser is Essential

Instead of just throwing everything under the sink, add some baskets, tubs or containers to function as your vanity organiser. Organising your products by type or order of use can make a huge difference to your daily routine.

Some simple ideas include adding a basket to the back of the vanity door for a hairdryer holder or sticking a magnetic strip there instead for organising nail clippers, scissors and the likes. You could even repurpose an old Lazy Susan for your hair or skincare products.

This is an excellent opportunity to test your DIY skills or an excellent excuse for a trip to Kmart. Best of all, it won’t affect your luxe bathroom because nobody is going to see it.

bigstock Large Mirror Over Vessel Sink 347320984 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

4. What About Shower Storage?

For reasons we can’t fathom, showers are naturally lacking in storage solutions despite products being essential to the whole bathing concept.

Your shower storage options come in many shapes and sizes ranging from the affordable hanging shower caddy to having a tradesperson fitting a shower niche. This option entails a cavity being cut into the shower wall for what resembles a natural shelf with tiles and all. However, it’s one of the more pricey ideas.

Alternatively, some clever and cost-effective hacks include fitting an extra shower curtain rod and hanging your products or simply hanging them on an existing rod and hiding them behind the shower curtain. Whatever keeps your bathroom organised and saves you from having to bend down over and over.

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5. Back of the Bathroom Door

Bathroom storage shouldn’t be limited to shelves and drawers, especially when there’s a perfectly good door going unused. A storage ladder on the back of the door can function as a towel rack, or you can pick up some over the door hooks from Bunnings or any homeware store specifically designed for this purpose.

If your hinged bathroom door takes up a lot of floor space, maybe you could swap it out for a sliding door? There’s so much more potential here for smart storage than you may think.

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6. Don’t Overlook Wall Hooks

One of the most simple and effective ways to expand bathroom storage is by adding hooks. Wall hooks for instance, can serve many functions. Towel hooks are a simple way to make up for lack of storage space and hanging hooks from the ceiling or high on the walls can add greenery or decoration without using countertop space.

Adhesive hooks can be picked up from just about anywhere, and they can be removed with little to no residue left behind, making them ideal for renting mums looking to expand bathroom storage.

And that’s what you need to know about simple and effective bathroom storage.

Unclutter your bathroom and bask in the satisfaction that comes from tapping into your creativity.

6 Bathroom Storage Ideas That Won't Break the Budget | Stay At Home Mum

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