How to Make An ‘All About Me’ Box

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How to Make An ‘All About Me’ Box

How to Make an ‘All About Me’ Box!

My filing pile is now almost as big as my ironing pile.  But I keep putting it off…and letting it stack up. It is a constant reminder that I’m busy and will get to it ‘When I have time!’.  One special thing about the school holidays is trying to keep the kids from killing each other, so I dragged out all their school and kindy stuff.  You know, the art-work, pictures, cards, reports – everything.

It looked pretty sad being stuffed in no order in a cardboard box in the cupboard…. And mice (Dear Lord I have mice!!!!) had started to nibble at the corners.  So as a holiday project, we (me and the boys) decided that we would put together an ‘All About Me’ Box.

And for me – it was about keeping them occupied AND doing some filing at the same time. Winning on both accounts.  I wanted to put all their stuff together in something that looked attractive, and was easy to use for when I needed to ‘add more stuff’.

Plus I wanted to sort it into years, for when I lose my mind and need reminding of how precious they were when they were little (they weren’t – but all Mums have those rose coloured glasses about when their babies were young!).

The All About Me Box | Stay at Home Mum

It was so much fun – the boys and I spent literally HOURS – not so much making the box (that was fun) – but going over all the memories.  Their kindy days, art-work that they had made… teachers they had forgotten about.  And now I have a place to put all their school certificates and memories as soon as they come home!

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So what you’ll need for your All About Me Box is:

  • 1 plastic filing box per child (I got mine from the local stationery shop for $7!)
  • Insert folders (most come with tabs)
  • A professional labeller (I have a Brother PT-D400 – it is the shizz!)
  • Couple of coloured tapes for said labeller

Let your child decorate the outside of the box as they see fit.  Grab your P-Touch and label the front with your child’s name.

How to Make An All About Me Box | Stay at Home Mum

Next is to list all the categories that you will use in the ‘All About Me’ Box.  These are the ones I used – but tailor the labels to your child!

  • Kindy 2010
  • Kindy 2011
  • Kindy 2012
  • Pre-Prep
  • Prep
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2 (etc etc)
  • Cards (Christmas cards, birthday cards etc)
  • Medical (All medical receipts and letters)
  • Sports (or extra-curricular activities)

I also popped ‘The Red Baby Book’ that all Aussie babies have in the front – so I’ll always know where it is.

I found using a few different colors really made the box ‘pop’ and made it easier for me and the boys to find what we are looking for.  I applied the actual label to the tag – rather than putting it on ‘the insert’ – it just looked a lot better.

Then, the boys and I spent the time going through each piece of paper and putting it in the right place…

Finally, the box comes with a lid to seal out any mice or other naughties.  It gets popped into the cupboard where they can pull it out at any time to add a new piece, or just to go through the memories and really enjoy it.


How to Make an All About Me Box | Stay at Home Mum



Even Martha Stewart would be enthralled by my ‘All About Me’ Box project and yes, I did it all by myself.


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