32 Over-The-Top First Birthday CakesBecause my baby can't have anything less!

27. Party Monster Cake

Stay At Home Mum
via cakecentral.com

This one’s a cutie monster too! This is perfect for kids who love all things silly and hilarious!


28. Ombre Blue Cake

Stay At Home Mum
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Ombre is very hip and trendy, but who says you can’t do hip and trendy with a child’s birthday cake? This particular cake looks very attractive, doesn’t it?

29. Rainbow cake

Stay At Home Mum
via paigejones.us

This cake looks colourful and yummy! Perfect for a colourful and fun birthday party! The young ones – and the young once – will surely love it.

30. Snowflake Cake

Stay At Home Mum
via carisascakes.blogspot.com

Everyone is a snowflake, unique and special! To celebrate the uniqueness of your child, go for this snowflake-themed cake that is both sweet and colourful!


31. Ladybird Cake

Stay At Home Mum
via flickr.com

Ladybirds are my son’s favourite insects simply because it looks cute and cuddly! The red and black colour scheme of this ladybird cake is also perfect for a curious child’s gaze.

32. Circus Themed Cake

Stay At Home Mum
via bestcakes.fr

This circus themed cake will surely add fun excitement to your party! Bonus points for the lion and the elephant that looks positively lovable.

Cakes always play a significant role on every party, so go crazy!

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