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7 Adorable Picnic Blankets For Your 2022 Outdoor Adventures

7 Adorable Picnic Blankets For Your 2022 Outdoor Adventures

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7 Adorable Picnic Blankets For Your 2022 Outdoor Adventures

A good picnic blanket can make any outdoor adventure, a relaxing oasis.

Picnic Blankets | Stay At Home Mum

Plus, with little kids, they are great to have on hand for instant shade or to wrap them up like little sausage rolls when they are cold. Good picnic blankets are a must-have to keep in the boot of your car.

When looking for a good picnic blanket, look for one large enough to seat the whole family comfortably. And any picnic blanket that has a waterproof bottom is also convenient because getting a wet bum is never fun when you explore the great outdoors.

There are some super cute picnic blankets on the market now – from budget-priced through to schmancy. Which one is your favourite picnic blanket?

Why Use Picnic Blankets and Rugs For Your Outdoor Adventures?

Picnic Blankets | Stay At Home Mum

If you enjoy camping, picnic blankets are one item that you should not forget to have in your luggage. While you’re out on the beach enjoying the moment, an outdoor picnic blanket is not only a must-have but also a necessity.

Here are some of its benefits:

Picnic Blankets Aren’t Excessively Heavy to Carry

Weight is an important consideration when travelling outside. The warmth you feel at night, and the amount of comfort you have when wandering around are determined by the weight of a blanket. High-quality picnic blankets are light and comfortable, allowing you to move around with ease while also keeping you warm at night. They’re also machine washable if the picnic gets a bit dirty, whether it’s from a glass of bubbly being knocked over by the wind or kids throwing crackers around.

It Makes The Surface Softer

A picnic with your loved ones on a flat surface is not ideal for spending time outside. You can have a softer surface if you purchase a picnic-specific blanket, which will empower you to enjoy the moment for longer and make the picnic more rewarding.

Picnic Blankets Can Serve As An Awesome Gift

Picnic blankets are a great and risk-free alternative for wedding or birthday gifts. This is particularly true for the younger generation, who like picnics and backpacking. They’ll utilize the blanket at least once a year, regardless of the circumstances. Furthermore, the blankets come with a canvas or leather carry cradle, making them simple to store or transport to the next adventure.

So, How To Pick The Perfect Picnic Blankets?

Picnic Blankets | Stay At Home Mum

Picnic blankets aren’t the most complicated goods in the business, but they are unique objects with a variety of subtle characteristics that enhance the overall convenience of the experience. We recommend that you make use of these qualities when buying picnic blankets.

Check its Functionality

Picnic blankets’ usefulness is crucial, and you must seek a picnic blanket that could be used for more than just picnics. If it gets cold outside, you may put the blanket inside your tent to offer an additional layer of protection from the weather. The blanket might also be used as a mattress if it is thick enough.

Its Foldability Is Important

Most quality picnic blankets are wrapped in carrying cases, making it even easier to travel the blanket while also taking up less room. We urge that you examine this to guarantee that you get the most bang for your buck.

Consider The Thickness

The thicker the blankets, the far more pleasant it is for you to spend time on them. If you do indulge in thicker picnic blankets, you will discover that you and your loved ones can sit on them more comfortably, as well as having greater protection from rocks and rougher ground surfaces.

We have prepared 7 Adorable Picnic Blankets and Rugs For Your 2021 Outdoor Adventures. Have fun, fellas!

1. Meteor Waterproof Picnic Blanket

  • Comes in three sizes (200 x 180, 200 x 200 and 220 x 260)
  • Lots of colours

Both practical and affordable, the Meteor Waterproof Picnic Blanket can live in the boot of your car so that you can grab it out whenever you feel like going to read a book in the local park or enjoy an evening on the beach without getting sand in your vagina.

This picnic blanket is made of high-quality fleece (nice and soft and fluffy), and the bottom has a thin layer of aluminium which makes it waterproof (so your bum won’t get wet!). This blanket folds up and has a handle to make it easy to transport, and it even has pockets for your keys and purse.

Meteor Waterproof Picnic Blanket | Stay At Home Mum

2. Sherwood Picnic Blanket

  • 200x150cm
  • There are over 22 lovely hues in the picnic blanket collection.

The Sherwood Picnic Blanket is portable and incredibly lightweight, making it ideal for a beachside picnic or a camping trip. The Sherwood Picnic blanket would keep you and your dear ones warm and cozy as you spend time together.
There are several purposes for the blanket. You may use it as a blanket and seat in any outdoor location, including parks, beaches, or even outdoor concerts.

Sherwood Picnic Blanket | Stay At Home Mum

3. Oilskin Picnic Blanket with Tartan

  • The size is 122 x 148cm and weighing 1kg
  • Colour: Natural

This is when our favourite picnic blanket comes in handy. With this multi-functional Picnic Blanket, you’ll be the talk of the town at any outdoor event.

The Tartan Oilskin Picnic Blanket is perfect for reserving a spot at outdoor events, musical festivals, parks, beaches, or anywhere you want to relax. It’s made of 100% Cotton, which allows the fabric to breathe and is processed with oil and pigment to make it water-resistant, much like the rest of their natural fibre Oilskin goods.

Oilskin Picnic Blanket with Tartan | Stay At Home Mum

4. Family Turkish Beach Blanket

  • 180×220 cm
  • Available in Deep Blue, Sand

This towel is your summer must-have, so no more patching towels together! This beach blanket is hand-knotted and is delicate, lightweight, and fast-drying. It may also be utilized to throw for warm home decorating, with two gorgeous colours to choose from.

It was wonderfully created in Australia and is made entirely of Turkish Cotton. The lightweight, quick-drying, and sand-free nature of this blanket makes it ideal for summer use. This may also be a wonderful present for friends and family!

Family Turkish Beach Blanket | Stay At Home Mum

5. Hand Embroidered Round Picnic Blanket

  • 190cm x 190cm
  • It comes in variety of colours such as Blue, Pink, Yellow

This circular picnic blanket provides some flair to your summer picnics. The motto “Walking on Sunshine” is embroidered on the front, and there is fringe around the edges. The blanket is made of soft cotton fabric.

Hand Embroidered Round Picnic Blanket | Stay At Home Mum

6. Fire Picnic Rug by In Her Element

  • 1.5m x 1.5m
  • Made from Polyester Canvas
  • It comes in variety of colours and named creatively as Air, Earth, Fire, and Water

The exquisite line of outdoor Picnic Rugs by IN HER ELEMENT was designed with your family in mind. They are made of excellent quality, sturdy, and machine washable since they are made of 100% waterproof polyester canvas. The company hopes they inspire fun-filled experiences by providing plenty of picnics, sticky fingers, compassion, and joy.

Picnic Rugs, which are one-of-a-kind and wonderfully crafted, are the ideal partner for fun at the beach, park, camping, or in the garden. There are four different designs to choose from, all of which are inspired by the complex patterns of rock formations formed by nature over thousands of years.

Fire Picnic Rug by In Her Element | Stay At Home Mum

7. Family Beach Waffle Blanket

  • 210 x 180 cm
  • Made of 100% Turkish Cotton
  • Grey, Mint Green

This wonderfully designed Family Beach Waffle Blanket was meticulously designed in Australia and carefully made in Turkey. They’re ideal for summer because they’re light and quick-drying. You may use it as a beach towel, picnic blanket, bed throw, yoga mat, or pool sarong, among other things. The best thing is that they get softer and more absorbent with every wash! This is unquestionably a fantastic present for loved ones.

Family Beach Waffle Blanket | Stay At Home Mum

We hope you were able to choose the perfect blanket from our selection. Kindly let us know what you think of our list and if we’ve overlooked any of your favorites. Have a great time during your picnic!

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