Standing Desks Are an Easy Way to Lose Weight Whilst Working

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Standing Desks Are an Easy Way to Lose Weight Whilst Working

You’ve probably realized a coworker catching up on emails at the workplace treadmill desk while another works on presentations at their standing desk. But did you know that they’re also decreasing their risk of developing heart disease, overweight, and neck and shoulders pain?

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Standing Desks Are an Easy Way to Lose Weight Whilst Working | Stay At Home Mum

Overall, weight gain is induced by consuming more calories than you expend over the day. On the other hand, losing weight occurs when you burn more calories than you consume each day.

The most efficient technique to burn calories rapidly is through physical activity; however, standing rather than sitting may also be advantageous. Over the course of an entire workday, standing for an equivalent period of time has been demonstrated to burn an extra 200 calories.

Every week, standing in front of your desk may help you burn over 1,000 more calories over the course of a WEEK by just standing instead of sitting at your desk.

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Here Are Its Types And Best Products:

Manual Standing Desks

Because it is a manual workstation, there is no possibility of an electrical issue or other technological malfunction. The crane could break down, but any half-decent carpenter can fix it because it doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

This is not only easier to repair, but also less expensive because the materials for a fresh hand crank are less pricey than for a motor drive. The hand crank, however, is not the only aspect that is less expensive; the complete workstation is typically less expensive.

Our best recommendation!

Dealclock Manual Sit Stand Table 

Try using this desk to change the way you organize your space. Exceptionally well-engineered to provide outstanding convenience at your demand, alter its height with ease! Merely change the settings to move the bar slightly lower or higher as desired.

  • Price: $303.99
  • Stockist: Catch
Height Adjustable Desk Office Furniture Manual Sit Stand Table Riser Home  Study -Deals499 Office & Study

Ramsay Black Standing Desk Riser

Transform any flat work surface from a sitting to a standing desk in a jiffy. To raise or lower the desktop, just squeeze the grips on either side. Release the handles after you’ve reached your preferred height, and your desktop will lock into place!

710910001 002 02022021 | Stay at Home

Stand Up – Manual Height Adj Desk White Frame

Do you find yourself sitting in the workplace for hours on end, your back aching and your beautiful posture slipping away? We have the answer! This built-in feature enables you to swiftly transition from sitting to standing, giving you more maneuverability!

Stand Up - Manual Height Adj Desk White Frame [1200L x 800W with Cable |  JasonL Furniture Australia

Elite Offive Manual Height Adjustable Desk

A sturdy height-adjustable desk with a fold-away handle for manual height adjustment. This table is perfect for people who choose to sit at a different height than the norm.

TMA127 | Stay at Home

Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

With this manual height and breadth adjustable desk structure, you can sit or stand in seconds! You can maintain a healthy working style throughout the day.

  • Price: $187.99
  • Stockist: Catch
vidaXL Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame Hand Crank Black |

Electric Standing Desks

With so much buzz surrounding electric standing desks, it’s crucial to have a clear image of their dependability.

Electric standing desks are dependable and sturdy, and they’re just getting better. The electric standing desk has become a must-have fixture in every modern office due to advancements in architecture, desk layouts, materials, and functions. These desks may improve your work life on a variety of levels, whether you’re a tall person who has to expand the desk to its maximum height or you’re of normal height.

Our Best Recommendations:

Naxos Electric Standing Desk

Any user may effortlessly change the height of the Naxos Electric Sit-Stand Desk to attain their preferred posture, whether sitting or standing. Simply press the five buttons on the five-button controller beneath the desk— and voila! Your electric standing desk will do the work for you!


Summit II Electric Height Adjustable Desk

The most crucial feature of a sit-stand desk is its stability. An unsteady standing desk that stutters from front to back and left to right might distract you from vital tasks. This Summit II Electric Height Adjustable Desk, on the other hand, has you covered!

Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desks, Heavy Duty Standing Desk, Workstation  Summit II

Boost Electric Height Adjustable Desk – Scalloped Top

This lean standing desk features an attractive wiring arrangement that balances aesthetics and simplicity— you’ll have a wonderful workstation while maintaining its smoother appearance!

BoostBL WW 4 e15408ca b604 465a a685 | Stay at Home

Oppsbuy Electric Standing Desk

You can quickly make all of the slight alterations thanks to the user-friendly control panel. What’s more, with the height adjustment, it can be adjusted to accommodate varying heights within the family. You can’t go a day without it at home.

  • Price: $319.95
  • Stockist: Catch
Oppsbuy Electric Standing Desk Sit Stand Up Riser Height Adjustable  Motorised Computer Laptop Table with Splice Board(120cm,Silver + White) |

Electric Standing Desks Below $200

Artiss Electric Standing Desk 

Keep your chosen working position free from the constraints of a traditional desk. Using this Motorised Adjustable Desk Frame, you can now choose between sitting and standing as you function. With the smooth stepless motorised height and length adjustment, you may fine-tune the frame’s spatial measures to fit your working preferences.

  • Price: $163.95
  • Stockist: Catch
Artiss Standing Desk Frame Dual Motor Motorised Electric Sit Stand  Adjustable Frame Only White |

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