My Review of The Lady Shake Weight Loss Shake

My Review of The Lady Shake Weight Loss Shake

The one thing I really struggle with is lunch.  Finding something that is healthy – but not heavy – and convenient.  Because if I don’t have lunch, I end up eating chocolate peanuts and a family-sized barbecue chips at 3pm – and that doesn’t help my waist line at all!

I love the convenience of weight loss shakes – and if they do their job correctly (ie are filling and palatable) then they are the perfect light lunch for people too busy to cook like me.  The thing is – many weight loss shakes have a nasty texture – and some textures really make me sick.  So I purchased the Coffee Flavoured Lady Shake to give it a go and give an honest review of how I found it.


Review of The Lady Shake | Stay at Home Mum

First of All – Why I chose The Lady Shake Coffee Flavour?

Seriously it is what I always go for – I’m not a fan of chocolate flavoured shakes – and I like to compare all the other weight loss shakes so I stick to the one flavour I really love! Plus caffeine!

The Lady Shake Review: How it Mix’s?

I mixed one scoop of The Lady Shake mix with 300ml of cold water.  You can use milk instead and I think skim milk would actually give a really delicious end result.  The water-based one wasn’t bad – I do add ice as then it tastes like an iced coffee and I do find that adding ice to weight loss shakes makes them a bit more palatable.  I always mix my weight loss shakes in a blender – I find it mixes well and blends the ice into the mix.

The Lady Shake Review | Stay at Home Mum

The Lady Shake Review: Taste?

Quite nice.  It is sweet, but not too sweet.  Has a nice coffee flavour but not too strong.  Sure – it is no iced coffee that you would buy from the shop – but it is drinkable and pleasant. The fact that I can drink the whole lot without even a thought about heaving is excellent!

The Lady Shake Review: Texture?

Hmmm even though I mixed it with ice, the The Lady Shake texture is still a little ‘gritty’.  It kinda tastes like those shakes your Mum made you when you were a kid to fatten you up – you know the ones with Weetbix… but not THAT gritty.

But on a positive note – because The Lady Shake is thick – it does fill you up.  It was very filling and I was certainly not hungry after drinking this – and it contains LOADS of fibre which is one of the most important thing in weight loss shakes – because if it doesn’t have enough fibre, you will be hungry an hour later.

I still think having The Lady Shake with milk would be better.

The Only Downfalls of Weight Loss Shakes?

Now I have tried A LOT of weight loss shakes over the years – I do love reviewing them honestly and faithfully.  But I’m yet to find one that doesn’t make you have disgusting farts at day three of drinking them.  This one is no exception. I could power a small city. I do recommend taking something for gut health if you are thinking of doing the whole weight loss shake journey.  It really does help with the flatulence.

The Lady Shake Review: My Final Opinion

  • For taste, I give The Lady Shake 7/10.  With skim milk instead of water I give a 8.5/10
  • For texture, I give The Lady Shake a 6/10
  • Satisfaction Factor I give The Lady Shake 8/10
  • For healthiness, I give The Lady Shake a 9/10 (it has a five-star review)

I think The Lady Shake is a great option for replacing one meal per day.  Sure it isn’t the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth – but it is a weight-loss shake and at the end of the day, we can’t expect something that is so low in calories to taste like the full fat and full-sugar version.  As far as weight loss shakes go – The Lady Shake is one of the best and lowest in sugar!

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Where Can I Buy The Lady Shake?

You can only buy The Lady Shake directly from their website.

Check out their website here  >




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