5 Totally Awesome Alexa Parenting Hacks

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5 Totally Awesome Alexa Parenting Hacks

These digital smart assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google home assist etc, are seriously next level, totally unbelievable.

They are getting so clever it blows my mind. Soon kids won’t need parents. They will just need an Alexa! hahaha

“Hey Alexa, cook dinner!”

“Hey Alexa, run my bath”

“Hey Alexa, where’s mum?”

Did you know Alexa could even whisper? It can also help you find your lost keys, or better yet, did you know it could play Hide and Seek with you? Now that’s cool!

5 Alexa Parenting Hacks

“Alexa, play Choose your own Adventure”

TikTokers always have lots of fun with Alexa, especially after they discovered ‘choose your own adventure’ skill, which takes bedtime stories to a new level as kids are led through interactive tales by a narrated voice.

“Alexa, where did I put that annoying toy”

Forget where you put your keys, or stashed the kid’s toys? Alexa’s memory skill ensures that you never lose your keys, phone or the school shoes again.

Simply tell Alexa when you sit the object down and then if you can’t find it she will remind you exactly where you put it! How cool?!

“Alexa, open hide and seek”

You will love Alexa’s spin on the classic game of hide and seek. In this version of the game, everyone hides as Alexa plays the seeker and tries to guess their location. Quick, go hide!

Whisper mode

Alexa’s whisper mode is NEXT LEVEL! If you whisper to Alexa, she’ll whisper right back. Perfect for avoiding to wake your kids, or pets, up from their nap, or asking those tricky questions you’d rather others didn’t hear.

Spongebob Challenge

Simply say “Alexa, play the Spongebob challenge” and your kids can engage in a fun memory game where they are waiters at the Krusty Krab and take orders. The game increases in difficulty as the kids have to remember more and more orders.

What other clever Alexa, Google (or Siri etc) hacks have you found useful around the house?

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