Baby Sling Brands

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Baby Sling Brands

Baby Sling Brands

Baby wearing is a wonderful way to keep your baby close to you all the while keeping your hands free. Doing the school run, doing the shopping and running errands around town is a lot easier when you have a carrier. Not only do you not have to lug your heavy pram everywhere you go, but you can also keep your baby happily in your arms where she can look around and see the world from the same angle as you. Most babies love being carried in a wrap, a sling or a carrier. So which one is the right one for your baby?

There are literally dozens of different baby carriers out there and it can be hard to know which works for your baby. Furthermore, what your first born loved your second bub may hate and thus it is always best to look for second hand carriers in good condition or sales on various carriers. Slings, wraps and carriers vary in price but tend to be around $50 to $200 for a new one. However, you can find them through second hand baby swaps online and in person.

The Hug a Bub Wrap

This is a popular choice for newborn babies and, when worn correctly, is safe and comfortable. You can keep baby tight to your chest and have some lovely snuggly cuddles. There are no buckles or fasteners you simply wrap the fabric around you to keep baby tight and secure.

Goldbug Sling1 | Stay at Home Goldbug Sling and Hip Carrier

This one handed sling allows you to cradle the baby in a sideways motion but keep your hands free. The fabric is designed to mould to the shape of your baby. Out of the various slings and carriers out there, the Goldbug is one of the more affordable options.

The Baby Bjorn

There are a number of different Baby Bjorn carriers. The Synergy is one of the more expensive on the market but with good reason. It is one of the favourites for hot climates as it is made out of breathable mesh material.

ERGO baby

Another well-known and trusted name in baby carriers is the ERGO baby which offers you a front and back carrier perfect for an older bub. It is designed to carry children up to 18kg and places baby in a perfect sitting position that is comfortable for both you and bub.

Peanut Shell

The Peanut Shell is one of the funkier slings on the market today with bright bold and retro designs to choose from. The sling offers a small pocket to carry goods such as your keys, phone and wallet.

The Ring Sling

There are a number of different brand names that offer the innovation of a ring. A ring sling holds bub in place with a ring that is easily adjustable. There are no tricky fasteners with the ring sling and it’s lightweight, compact and easy to stuff into your baby bag when not in use.

hubabub1 | Stay at Home Mini Monkey

The Mini Monkey is another great economical sling that comes in seven bright colours. There are seven different ways to wear the sling and best of all, it can be converted into a hammock to attach to any cot or playpen allow you to rock your baby to sleep during those unsettled days and nights.

Whatever choice in baby carrier you make, it is a personal choice. Only you and your baby can decide what is comfortable and convenient for you both.

For some great babywearing safety guidelines, here is the TICKS Rule.

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