Ten Commandments of Successful Nappy Changing

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Ten Commandments of Successful Nappy Changing

Nappy changing
is not the most fun aspect of parenting but it is something that we will be faced with doing several times a day.

Newborns will need a change around 8 to 10 times a day and while this number decreases with age, you can expect to be dealing with nappies for at least a couple more years after this. So below are Ten Commandments when it comes to successful nappy changing.

The 10 commandments of nappy changing | Stay at Home Mum

1. Thou Shall Expect a Poo Explosion When Out in Public

It’s a law of physics that if you are out in public, are about to go out or are wearing white, your baby will have a huge poo explosion! Unfortunately, not all public facilities will have baby change tables or parents rooms. If you are out of luck, the best place to head is for your car where you can change bub in the front or back seat.  It is a great idea to invest in a portable nappy changing mat so you can put your baby down on a clean surface.  These are available from most baby shops and department stores.


2. Thou Shall Be Prepared

Be prepared to get the job done quickly and efficiently by having all the things you need out and ready. Keep your nappy bag prepped at all times so you know you have everything you need when you go out. Pull the wipes out of the box before you start changing your baby as they can often get stuck. Have a nappy sack or plastic bag out and open so that you can easily pop the dirty nappy straight in.

A good rule of thumb is to have at least six spare nappies in your nappy bag – and a couple of cloths for burping and drool.

A basic nappy changing kit should have:

  • Nappy Mat (so bubs doesn’t have to lie on a dirty floor)
  • Up to six spare nappies (the older you baby is, the less you need)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Spare outfit in case of soiling
  • Nappy Sacks or Plastic Bags (to dispose of the wet/dirty nappy)
  • Cream for a sore bottom
  • Hand Sanitiser

Hint: Never ever leave a dirty nappy in the car – no matter how well contained the nappy is.  The smell will go through EVERYTHING!!!! Yes, I am speaking from experience!

nappy change set

We love this Nappy Changing Kit from Blue Kangaroo Handmade

3. Thou Shall Keep an Old Nappy or Wrap on a Little Boy When Changing

As soon as a little boy’s penis becomes free from a cozy warm nappy, a pee stream that rivals Niagara Falls will go crazy and there’ll be wee EVERYWHERE!  All parents with boys have at one stage or another copped wee in the face from a free willy.  By keeping an old nappy or other piece of cloth on their penis, it will stop that stream from hitting you or someone else in the face.


4. Thou Shall Invest in Nappy Pants

Nappy pants are a good investment for busy toddlers as you can easily pull them up while they are standing up and playing. This reduces the need to interrupt playtime and lay them down.  They can however sometimes be a pain to change if there has been a monumental #2 event – however, you can tear the sides – it is the squirming toddler you will have to worry about!

The cheap nappy store | Stay at Home Mum

5. Thou Shall Combat Against Nappy Rash

Nappy rash is a common problem in both boys and girls and the best defence is plenty of nappy free time as well as a barrier cream to prevent the rash from getting worse. Nappy rash can be caused by an irritation or allergy to creams, soaps or wipes or it can be caused by food intolerance. If nappy rash becomes a common problem, then consult your doctor to determine the source and the solution.  We also have a terrific article on how to tackle nappy rash.

6. Thou Shall Shop Around To Find the Right Nappy for Your Baby

Whether you have modern cloth nappies or disposals, play around with the different brands and styles to see what nappies fit and suit your baby best. You may find that the cheaper brands actually contour to your baby’s bum better or that your baby’s skin is too sensitive to anything but organic nappies.

Or another great way to save money is to use the more expensive nappies at night (extra absorbent) and use the cheapies during the day!

7. Thou Shall Consider MCN’s

Modern cloth nappies are an eco-friendly and excellent option for your baby. If you are looking into MCN’s, have a look online for second-hand ones before you spend a fortune on new ones. Many parents will be selling their old ones for a fraction of the costs of buying brand new.


8. Thou Shall Not Fear Number Threes

Poo explosions or number threes will occur when you are already late, you’ve finally got to the front of a long queue or the phone is ringing, someone is knocking at the door and one of your other kids is screaming for your attention. Always have spare clothes and invest in good washing detergent to get rid of the yellow and brown stains when these poo explosions soak through the nappy and end up everywhere.  Be prepared!

This is why you should always have a spare outfit with you – no matter how old your child is!


9. Thou Shall Wipe Properly

Make sure you are always wiping from front to back, regardless of whether you have a boy or a girl. This reduces the risk of infection. Plus having a badly-wiped bottom will really aggravate the skin and is just plain gross.

10. Thou Shall Share the Load

And finally, make sure you are giving your partner plenty of practice in the nappy changing department. This is an important aspect of parenting that no one should miss out on!

Any other hints and tips you might have on changing nappies?

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