Tips To Taking A Good Photo Of Your Baby

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Tips To Taking A Good Photo Of Your Baby

Tips to Taking a Good Photo of your Baby | Stay at Home

We all want to show off our baby in the best light. However, it can cost a fortune for portrait studio shots and even professional photographers can charge like wounded bulls. If you are looking at taking some clear and cute photos that truly show off the vibrant energy of your little one, then below are some great ways how to do it:

Choose a plain background

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a studio set up for your personal photo shoot. Grab a plain white sheet, a black throw or any other colour of blanket and place it over the couch. Just make sure you choose a blanket that is large enough to cover the couch, the floor and anywhere else you may be taking the photos.

Opt for outside light

Unless you have lighting features in your house, the best way to capture the right angle and the right lighting is to stage your photo shoot in a very well lit area outside. Make sure the sun is not directly in the baby’s eyes or even in the photo. Late afternoon is the best time to capture the natural light without having your photos come out with shadows and squints.

Choose the right time of the day

Not only do you need to work with the sun but also with your baby. Choose a time when your baby is alert and well fed. The best time is after a nap and after a feed during play time. Interact with your little one with plenty of smiles and toys to help him relax and to capture those heart warming smiles.

Get snap happy

Make sure you have plenty of space on your camera for take multiple photos. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of the perfect shot only to have your camera flash “out of memory.” Also, if you have a setting on your camera that allows you to take several pictures with one touch, then use this as you have a better chance of getting the right angle and the right expression.

Think simple outfits

Often the best outfit for your baby is their birthday suit. However, if you want to jazz them up a little bit, think cutesy headbands, bloomers, tutus, etc. Or, go for something casual such as a clean white top and blue jeans.

Avoid several outfit changes

Any baby is going to get frustrated and angry with having to change their outfit fifteen times in one hour. So opt for one or two outfits to keep your  baby happy/smiling/pretty for longer.

Keep the flash off

Avoid red eyes, strange shadows and a squinty baby by opting for a no flash setting. Just make sure there is enough natural light

Have a towel handy

Spit ups are bound to happen, especially when you are about to take the perfect shot. So keep a wet towel handy to clean up the area ASAP.

Choose a high megapixel setting

Make sure you have your camera set to at least 1MB (5MB is better). That way if you do need to crop and if you want to have the photos blown up later, the quality will remain good.

Snap now, crop later

Don’t worry about getting close ups or ensuring that the background is completely covered. You can edit and crop your picture later on.

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