15 Vasectomy Cakes for “Inspiration”Vasectomy cakes are now on trend!

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Can you imagine how great it is to have sex Hakuna Matata style?? If you think vasectomy isn’t worth celebrating, think again!

People celebrate their birthday because, well, that’s the day they were born. But why not celebrate a highlight most people overlook, you know, like steering clear of getting someone knocked up? Or maybe you just need a reason to eat cake?

Here are 15 vasectomy cakes that you can use for inspiration. Whether you want something low-key or not, you can find it here!

1. Very… obvious.

15 Vasectomy Cakes for "Inspiration" | Stay at Home Mum
via instagram.com

2. No more preggo scares!

3. So long, boys!

15 Vasectomy Cakes for "Inspiration"
via miifotos.com

4. Fire all you want, you’ll never hit it anyway!

15 Vasectomy Cakes for "Inspiration" | Stay at Home Mum
via picswe.com

5. Enjoy your ‘retirement’!

via popsugar.co.uk

6. No More Swimmers


Vasectomy Cakes | Stay at Home Mum
Via Simply Sweet Desserts by Lara


7. A touch of lemon would be nice.

via popsugar.co.uk

8. Rest in peace, sperms!

via airfreshener.club

9. And a tombstone to make the death more official!

via topsimages.com

10. Just did it!

15 Vasectomy Cakes for "Inspiration" | Stay at Home Mum
via themomsmeeting.com

11. Snip snip hooray!

via topsimages.com

12. Not sure about a male and female sperm but..

15 Vasectomy Cakes for "Inspiration" | Stay at Home Mum

13. This one’s too….specific.

via mom.me

14. Yes, I can assure you that.

via dumpaday.com

15. Y’all are fired!


Can you show any of these vasectomy cakes to your hubby without even laughing?


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15 Vasectomy Cakes for "Inspiration" | Stay at Home Mum

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