20 Benefits of Bottle FeedingWe've done the advantages of breast, now here are the advantages to bottle.

Considering bottle feeding?

Whether you have opted against breastfeeding on your own will or whether you are unable to breastfeed, bottle feeding is a healthy and wonderful alternative to providing your child with the best start to life.

While breastfeeding is best, there are plenty of the benefits to bottle feeding too!

1. It’s less invasive.

Your body is your temple and you may not like the idea of having someone latched onto your breasts.

2. It is less uncomfortable.

Bottle feeding doesn’t come with the pain that breastfeeding does, including engorgement, cracked nipples, bite marks and mastitis.

3. It can be less embarrassing to feed in public.

Many women are uncomfortable whipping out their breasts in public, and with bottle feeding, this is never an issue. You can comfortably feed your baby with a bottle anytime.

4. If your baby requires a certain formula, you are not required to change your diet.

No need to switch to soy free or dairy free if you baby is having an allergic reaction to something in your milk.

5. There is no guess work involved.

Breastfeeding mums often wonder if it is something that they have eaten that is causing their baby to be fussy. And thus, it becomes a frustrating trial and error game determining if it’s the onion, the garlic, the coffee or the tomato sauce that is causing their baby to fuss.

6. It’s less demanding.

Breastfed babies often want to feed more often, not only because they are hungry but for comfort as well.

7. You know exactly how much your baby has eaten.

Furthermore, you don’t have to wonder if your baby has gotten enough.

Once he has done his bottle, you know he has had enough and should be okay for a few hours. With breastfed babies, you never really know if they have had 30 ml or 200 ml.

8. It can be easier to regulate a routine.

With this comes an easier way to regulate a routine knowing when your baby is hungry and when she is fussing because she is tired.

9. Your entire family can share in the experience.

You can get your husband, your mother, even your other children to feed the baby and share in this beautiful experience.

10. Bottle feeding accessories can be fun to shop for.

Any excuse to shop is a good one!

11. Feeding is usually less frequent.

You can expect your baby to eat every 3 to 4 hours rather than every 1 to 2 hours in the early stages.

12. You can choose what to feed your baby.

There are plenty of different formula options out there, some which contain extra ingredients, are hypo-allergenic, etc.


13. Bottle fed babies usually sleep through the night earlier.

This is not guaranteed, but it’s always good to think positive!

14. It doesn’t interfere with your sex life.

So no leaking boobs when you are in the middle of a moment.

15. It doesn’t interfere with your social life.

Furthermore, you can go out to dinner with your friends, have a couple of drinks on a Friday night without worrying about expressing or getting home before feeding time.


16. It can regulate your body quicker.

This is especially beneficial if you plan on having more children soon.

17. You can eat or drink whatever you want.

You don’t have to worry about what you eat or what you drink. You can even take medications without worrying about passing on chemicals to your baby.

18. It is easier to diagnose your baby’s needs.

Why is your baby fussing? Is she hungry? Is she tired? Is she gassy? You can cross hunger off the list when you bottle feed as you know when she last fed and how much she had.


19. It is less frustrating.

Breastfeeding is natural but it certainly doesn’t come naturally. It takes a lot of persistence and patience and can be extremely frustrating for the new baby and new mum, especially in the early weeks.

20. It allows you to have a break.

You can pass baby over to a relative or your partner and get some sleep, go for lunch or get away for more than a couple of hours without worrying about when baby will need you for a feed again.

Do you know other benefits of bottle feeding?

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