9 Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Say To Older Mums Trying To Conceive

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9 Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Say To Older Mums Trying To Conceive

7. She Won’t Have The Energy

Guess what? Having a baby is hard on you no matter what age you are. We don’t think that people who chose to have their babies in their 20s bounced out of bed everyday after less than four hours of sleep either. So while it might be tempting to point out that an older mum could struggle to find the energy, the same is really true for all parents, at all ages. Kids do require a lot of energy, but they’re also incredibly rewarding and, at the end of the day, energy is always there for those who look for it!

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8. That Older Parents Make Life Hard

This point does go along with the ‘You’ll be old for their milestones’ argument, but it’s worth mentioning alone. To the people who want to scare people out of having children after 35 by telling them they’re making life hard on their kids, just stop. Not everyone has children young, and we don’t know a single child of an older parent who wishes they weren’t around just because they had to deal with things a little sooner. Yes, when parents get sick and die, it is an absolutely devastating thing, but it doesn’t get easier just because children are older when they go through it. So don’t you ever bring it up. NEVER.

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9. That She’ll Really Struggle

You know what, an older woman trying to conceive probably will struggle. She might struggle to find a supportive doctor, she might struggle to find a group of mums that she connects with, and she might struggle with various aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Well how about instead of pointing that out to her, you offer her some support? How about instead of telling her how difficult her life will be, you stand up and be there for her? We know, it’s a groundbreaking idea, but definitely one we urge you to consider.

Do you agree to all these things?

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