Where to Buy Cheap Maternity Clothes in Australia

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Where to Buy Cheap Maternity Clothes in Australia

Cheap maternity clothes sound like an oxymoron.

If you have ever shopped online you know just how costly maternity wear is. The thing is that we are only pregnant for such a short amount of time in our lives, so most of us can’t afford to spend a fortune on maternity clothing for those last few months of pregnancy.

We need enough maternity clothing to get through work and play – but we still want to look nice – and not look like we are wearing a tent. So we thought we would put together a list of where to buy cheap maternity clothes in Australia.

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Wearing a Maternity Gown to Your Labour is Now a Thing
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Cheap Maternity Work Uniform Capsule

If you are working all the way up to giving birth, you will probably need to invest in a couple of decent pieces that look professional but are still comfortable and will grow with you. The following ‘maternity capsule’ will get you through on a minimum budget.

  • 2-3 pairs Black Maternity Pants – one in your current size, and one in the next size up
  • 1 pair of maternity jeans
  • 3-4 shirts in different colours.
  • 1 plain black dress
  • 4 maternity bra’s

Check out our list of online maternity stores for specific pieces.

So here is a list of cheap maternity clothes in Australia – sellers that have nice maternity clothing that doesn’t cost the earth!

1. St Frock

St Frock has beautiful clothing for everyone – but it has a gorgeous maternity line that is super affordable and really pretty. Perfect for workwear and casual wear, their pieces start at around $40 and go up to $90 per piece. Plus many of their maternity pieces are breastfeeding friendly! If you are looking for cheap maternity clothes, here is where to go!

Best for Cheap Maternity Clothing that is on-trend!

Nastasia Dress in Leopard Print | Stay at Home
The ‘Natasha’ Dress in Leopard Print by St Frock for $69.90

2. Best & Less

Yes, good old Best & Less carries a maternity line consisting of both casual maternity clothing and maternity bra’s. They have a good range of belly bands (which mean you can wear many of your pre-maternity clothing) and nursing bra’s.

Best for Cheap Maternity Wear that you wear for one pregnancy.

3. BooHoo

BooHoo carries clothing for younger women – and a maternity range to match! They have some super-affordable nursing tee’s, super skinny maternity jeans, maternity bodycon dresses and more. Perfect for the Millennial Mumma. Prices start from a tiny $12 – $50 – and a great place to buy cheap maternity clothes.

Best for timeless pieces of maternity wear you can wear during multiple pregnancies.

4. Asos Maternity

Asos is an online-only clothing store that suits the younger Mum. The pricing goes from $35 – $75 for maternity pieces and they offer maternity activewear, jumpsuits, maternity jeans and more! Great for casual wear and workwear.

Fantastic range of cheap maternity wear, especially casual maternity wear.

5. Cotton On Clothing

If you need basic pieces of maternity wear such as tracky dacks, pyjamas, jumpers, singlets and t-shirts – you can’t go past the Cotton On Clothing Maternity range. Pricing is from $20 – $50 – so quite affordable! Perfect for casualwear.

Sleep Recovery Maternity T Shirt, MUSHROOM PINSTRIPE
iBody Sleep Recovery Maternity T-Shirt only $22.49 from Cotton On

6. Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day probably isn’t the first place you would think about when you are thinking maternity wear. But they have heaps of discount clothing from all of the leading brands – but at a discount price. So they are worth checking out – particularly if you like the fancier maternity brands but don’t want to part with fancier pricing!

Some of the maternity brands that they carry include:

  • Calli
  • Target Maternity
  • Tussah
  • Savel
  • Willa
  • The Fated

7. Target Maternity

If you are looking for cheap maternity clothing you can’t go past Target Maternity. They have the best range online (not all stores carry the maternity lines). Perfect for work as they have basic white shirts, black pants and more!

See their range here –>

8. Pat Pat

Pat Pat is a relatively new kid on the block. They offer super-cheap maternity clothing including nursing wear, jumpers, fashion pieces and more – and most of their pieces are under $15! Insanely cheap!

We are updating this article to find your more cheap maternity clothing all the time – so bookmark this article and check back to see!

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