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10 Alternatives To Being Buried or CrematedNo Longer Be Dead and Buried.

We all know death is inevitable….. Just like taxes… 

One day, we will all die, but we now have a huge choice of places where we’d like to end up once we depart this life. It isn’t just buried or burnt anymore!

Here are 10 alternatives to the traditional casket burial or cremation.


1. Be Freeze-Dried

Alternatives To Being Buried or Cremated - Stay at Home Mum
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A Swedish environmental consultant has come up with a super cool (see what I did there?) alternative. The body is freeze-dried in liquid nitrogen while being blasted at the same time with ultrasound waves. The brittle remains are then crushed to create a hygienic soil-enriching powder. The process hasn’t been tried on a human yet, only on pigs and cows, but it is estimated that an 80-kilogram person could potentially generate about 20kg of powder.

2. Become an ‘Eternal Reef’

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A company called Eternal Reefs will turn your cremains (cremated remains) into a permanent reef. The ashes are mixed with concrete and shaped into reefs. The reefs then go into the water and provide a new habitat for fish to explore.

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