18 Random Things You Didn’t Know You NeededAnd now you so do need them!

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  • 18 Random Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

You gotta admit it: these are brilliant.

You think you’re living a convenient life; well, apparently, you aren’t. From pill bottles with timers to adjustable hot sauce containers, this list contains everything you didn’t know you needed!

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1. A shopping trolley that comes with a calculator

via lifestyle.diply.com

Because we all need to know just how much we are overspending!

2. A shower handle that shows the water’s exact temperature

via thisiswhyimbroke.com

Finally, a shower that has the right temperature!!

3. A box that comes with an integrity indicator

via buzzfeed.com

So you’ll know if your package had been tipped or mishandled.

4. This pill bottle that tells you when you last took your meds

via buzzfeed.com

For when you’re memory-challenged and forget when you last took that pill.

5. This very environmentally sound toilet


The basin is built on top of the toilet so the water you use to wash your hands is recycled and reused for flushing!

6. A dressing room with labelled clothing hooks

via buzzfeed.com

For times you just can’t make up your mind…

7. An elevator that tells you the weather outside

via buzzfeed.com

So you’ll be prepared!

8. This indicator that allows you to make a beeline to the nearest unoccupied stall

via boredpanda.com

No need for awkward knocking now…

9. This orange juice box that tells you how many cups are left inside

via scoopnest.com

Say goodbye to guessing and randomly running out of orange juice!

10. A machine that dispenses short stories… for free!

via baomoi.com

Just in case you get bored waiting for your flight.

11. This adjustable hot sauce!

via buzzfeed.com


No need to buy multiple bottles of hot sauce to accommodate spice tolerance…

12. A receipt that comes with a breakdown of nutritional info

via buzzfeed.com

Whether you’re calorie counting or not, you must admit this is convenient

13. These colour-coded grocery bags

via buzzfeed.com

An effective way to remind you to put away the meat first!

14. A water bottle that you can write your name on

via reddit.com

Reduces the risk of accidentally drinking another person’s water.

15. This elevator that comes with an earthquake light

via reddit.com

Just in case you’re the type of person who doesn’t feel earthquakes.

16. This blender lid that’s also a measuring cup


Because who needs two things when you can use just one?

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17. An anti-social way to let the waitstaff know what you need

via reddit.com

For those times you simply cannot be bothered to talk.

18. This solar-powered bench that lets you charge your phone

via imgur.com

On top of that, it also emits a Wi-Fi signal!

So, do you think you need these now?

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