7 Subtle Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

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7 Subtle Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

Yes, it’s heartwarming if your partner suddenly does special things for you which is really out of character, but did you know sometimes, they’re just messing with your head. Ouch!

Your gut feels that something isn’t right is usually the most common sign that your partner is cheating.

However, with men or women knowing the different signs of cheating (sudden change in feelings, keeping phones to themselves, lipstick on clothes and other obvious signs), they apply what they call reverse psychology on you, so you’ll never know that they are actually cheating! Ugh!

So before you’re trapped and before they mess with your head, see if they do these things below.

1. They take interest in things they never were interested before.

When your uninterested partner begins to take interest in things that he/she was not interested before, it could be that he/she is absorbing his/her lover’s interests. Sometimes, if he/she has more time with his/her lover, he/she might pick up some knowledge from him/her or even copy his/her expressions.

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2. Their “lust” for life is back.

When in the past, they would never let you touch them in bed, now, their affair has “reawakened their libido” and their “lust” for life is back. So don’t be surprised if they will give you something racy to wear next time they want you to “strut your stuff.”

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3. Not condemning illicit affairs.

Well, for obvious reasons, that they don’t want to be condemned as well. While you get dismayed by your friend’s husband/wife cheating, they would find reasons to justify the affair. If they try to condemn others for their affairs, that could mean condemning themselves too.

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4. Suddenly becomes a “Yes” man/woman.

When they used to oppose some of your actions and suddenly becomes “overly aggreable” to things you do, chances are, there’s something fishy going on. Showing you more attention that they normally give you could be a sign of “overcompensating for something.”

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5. Timestamping

They will try to “optimise” your moments with them by timestamping, so your suspicions wouldn’t grow. They would uncharacteristically come home by 6pm on the dot, or call you everyday by lunchtime, or do things that they normally would not do. For them, spending time with you is “a balancing act.

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6. Always asking where you are so you won’t catch them.

If they’re always asking where you are, who you’re with, and what time you’ll be done with things, sometimes, it’s not the green-eyed monster, but because they don’t want you to catch them. So if they’ll know where you are, they’d go the other way to avoid being caught.

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7. They will actually accuse you of cheating.

You know the saying, “A thief hates his own kind”? Well, cheaters too. So in order for you to not think of them having an affair, they would throw the accusations back at you and accuse you of cheating. They will be overly possessive and paranoid that you’re actually doing it so they can get in your head for you to defend yourself over and over again, while they go free to do what they want.

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So, have you noticed your partner doing these subtle signs of cheating?

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