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Parenting By Heart

Pinky Mckay

Parenting By Heart

I’d like to note that this is the book that saved me, and I only wished I’d read it before I’d given birth to my first baby rather than just after. My self-doubt was erased and my confidence sky-rocketed with each page I turned (inhaled), never a truer word have I read since in regards to trusting your instincts and flipping the bird (mentally perhaps) to those who question them.

Pinky Mckay is a Mother, Grandmother, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (knows a lot about boobs and their milk ducts) and relays her practical, gentle approach to parenting in this book. In her words “Babies and toddlers are people too and they deserve empathy and respect, not ‘training’ through techniques such as rigid routines, controlled crying or spanking. This allows children to respond positively to their environment and to develop appropriate boundaries through mutual respect and strong family relationships.”

The best part about this wonderful book, which is full of advice on baby feeding, sleeping, pooping, crying and playing, is that there are heaps of quotes and little stories from real mums dealing with real babies and you’re sure to relate to at least one of them and instantly feel a whole lot better about yourself and your parenting. Parenting By Heart is a big, warm hug for any Mum needing a confidence boost and some decent, real information on caring for an infant.

Sleeping Like A Baby and 100 Ways To Stop The Crying are next on your Pinky McKay read list if you love this one!

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