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Kathy Walker

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If you have a preschool or school-aged child who has trouble settling at bedtime, refuses to sit at the table for meals or ignores you or argues about when it’s time to turn the TV off, you might like to give this little gem a read. Kathy Walker’s book is full of reassuring guidance on how to create a calmer, more nurturing home environment (not just for the kids but for you too!) and awesome strategies for managing challenging behaviour.

An expert parenting and educational consultant, Kathy shares tips on how to set up and maintain routines, promote self-esteem and resilience and communicate with your child. There’s also a helpful section on understanding your parenting style and the reasons behind your child’s behaviour, not just how to ‘fix’ it, and case studies that reflect her advice on normal, everyday family situations like fighting between siblings, wanting all the latest devices and how to handle challenges related to school, friends and family separation or blending.

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