20 Foods That Keep You Feeling Fuller for Longer

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20 Foods That Keep You Feeling Fuller for Longer

In the world of eating, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that not all food was created equal.

There are some foods that just last longer, make us feel more satisfied, and stop us from overeating. Don’t get us wrong, these aren’t magical foods. They aren’t the answer to all your diet or portion control problems. But they do have a reputation for keeping you fuller for longer.20 Foods That Keep You Feeling Fuller for Longer (1)

1. Nuts ... | Stay at Home

We all know that nuts contain healthy fats, the kind that keeps your cholesterol low. But did you know they also contain a particular fibre that is very efficient at suppressing the appetite. It’s slow to digest, which means it stays in your stomach longer and stops you from eating. As long as you keep your portion sizes correct, it should work for you.

2. Edamame .. | Stay at Home

Edamame is a Japanese food that is steadily growing more popular in the west. These baby soy beans, immature beans still in their pods, pack a punch of protein without the big calorie hit. This makes them very appropriate for snacking that lasts, as the body slowly works through the protein.

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