20 Foods That Keep You Feeling Fuller for Longer

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20 Foods That Keep You Feeling Fuller for Longer

15. Eggs


When it comes to starting the day with something filling that will keep you satisfied, there’s not much better than eggs. With are packed with protein, around 16g each, and that means that they offer a slow energy burn that will keep you going. 

16. Coffee


Although the results of long-term studies aren’t in yet, there is certainly a suggestion that caffeine can suppress your appetite in the short-term. It’s not an excuse to drown yourself in coffee, but it makes your morning one taste that much better.

17. Flaxseeds

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There aren’t too many people that eat flaxseeds on a regular basis, but there should be. One tablespoon of flaxseeds contains 2.3 grams of omega-3s as well as 3 grams of fibre. These fill the stomach, and the energy lasts.

18. Green Tea

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There’s quite a bit of evidence to suggest that drinking something hot can curb your appetite. However, green tea packs a double punch of benefit as studies suggest it might also help to increase the appetite-regulating hormone cholecystokinin.

19. Lemons


Eating something sour, like lemons or limes, plays a part in helping you bust your sweet cravings. But, when added to a meal (as a marinade or a dressing) or eaten directly after (as a beverage mixed with water) it can also help you to feel more full after you’ve eaten.

20. Water

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Sometimes the simplest things can have the most positive impact on our bodies. It turns out that one of the best ways to stop a craving is to have a glass of water. This also has the beneficial side effect of keeping you hydrated. If water alone isn’t enough, a high water snack like apples, watermelon or cucumber can have similar results.

Do you know other foods that can keep you feeling fuller for longer?

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