10 Hysterically Funny Naughty Gifts for Mums

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10 Hysterically Funny Naughty Gifts for Mums

Very naughty gifts for Mum.  Very naughty indeed!

If you are looking to buy a naughty or even disturbing gift for a fellow Mum – then you have certainly come to the right place.

Don’t email us and complain about the content – you have been warned!

Eat a Dick” Box

There are just so many people I could send this ‘Eat A Dick Box’ to…  So many.  Wonder if they ship it anonymously… pondering…

You can choose from three different types of chocolate (milk, dark or white) and for a few extra dollars, you can add a spring-loaded glitter penis bomb.  Why not! She deserves it!

Ships from Australia

Eat a Dick Box  The Smile Box  Chocolate Dick  Real image 0



C*nt Acrylic Earrings

Made from stainless steel and acrylic – this is a hysterically funny gift for the Mum who has a wicked sense of humour.

Ships from Australia

Naughty Gifts for Mums

The U-NT Mug

Whilst we are on the topic of that word we really shouldn’t say… say it with a mug!

Ships from Australia

Naughty Gifts for Mum

Go the F**k to Sleep Book

This book is a must-have for every parent!

Ships from Australia

Go the F**k to Sleep Book | Stay At Home Mum

This Chocolate Bar with a very sincere message.

The perfect gift for your own Mum!  100 grams of ‘Sorry for being a dick’.

Ships from Australia

This Chocolate Bar with a very sincere message. | Stay At Home Mum


‘Shit To Do’ Notepad

This will gather all mum’s to-do ‘sh*t (that probably won’t get done)’ in this straightforward but fun notepad.

Ships from The United States

'Shit To Do' Notepad | Stay At Home Mum


Dirty Bitch Bath Bomb

Get your bitch a bath bomb with her name on it!  Available in Blue Raspberry Slurpee scent, she will know you love her!

Ships from Australia

Hysterically Naughty Gifts for Mums

Don’t Be a Twatwaffle Mug

You know it girlfriend.

Ships from Australia

Naughty Gifts for Mums

Shoes Off, Bitches! Doormat

Hand made with love in Perth, Western Australia is this delicious doormat that tells the family just what they have to do!

Ships from Australia

Naughty Gifts for Mums

I Fucking Hate People” Sequin Cushion

We all hate everyone.  Now you can have it in writing. And in public too – because it is one of those ‘secret reveal’ cushions.

Ships from The United Kingdom

I Fucking Hate People Sequin Cushion  Magic Reveal  Lots Of image 0

So, which of these do you like best?

10 Hysterically Funny Gifts for the Naughty Mum | Stay at Home Mum
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