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Who says mums aren’t fun (or naughty)?

We have to admit, we hated our mums perhaps even once in our adolescence stage for being strict on us, disciplining us and wanting us to be better citizens. And for that, we see them as tough disciplinarians who can’t seem to take a joke or two.

Well, we’re wrong!

Yes, mums are badass human beings but they too want to have fun! (They just don’t want us to see it when we were younger. Lol!)

So this coming Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate all mums’ “badass-ness” (and naughtiness) with these collection of hysterically funny gifts for the naughty mums guaranteed to make them laugh.

1. Naughty Mug For Ladies

Let mum sip her morning coffee with this mug that’s going to tell the world who’s really the boss.

Available from HardToFind – $25.00

2. Sexy Mama T-Shirt

Make mum feel sexy and super with this tee that says it all. Oh and read it to the beat of “supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus”. Cool!

Available from HardToFind – $24.00

3. Mum’s Off Duty Personalised Socks

We know mums are always on their feet juggling one work to another, so when you read the words in these super comfy socks, you’ll know nothing should disturb her day.

Available from HardToFind – $36.00

4. Personalised New Mum Mug

Raise your glasses (or mugs), breastfeeding mums! This one’s for you!

Available from HardToFind – $45.00

5. ‘I’m not bossy. I’m the boss’ Oven Mitt

Mums are the real queens of the kitchen, so why not give them this oven mitt and…just do what she says.

Available from Yellow Octopus – $24.99

6. ‘What The F*ck Should I Drink?’ Cocktail Recipe Book

Perfect for tired mums, this hilarious choose-your-own-adventure style cocktail book is what mums need to end their busy day.

Available from Yellow Octopus – $19.99

7. Stemless Wine Glass

This stemless wine glass will surely perk mum up as she replenishes her “fuel.”

Available from WithLoveAndLuxe – $15.10

8. ‘My Crap’ Tote Bag

Let mum keep her valuables (including diapers too) in this all-around tote bag that contains all her ‘crap.’

Available from BridgePrinting – $18.97

9. ‘Shit To Do’ Notepad

This will gather all mum’s to-do ‘sh*t (that probably won’t get done)’ in this straightforward but fun notepad.

Available from JonesStreetPress – $19.24

10. Coffee and Wine Glass

We saved the best for last!

Available from Yellow Octopus – $29.99

So, which of these do you like best?

10 Hysterically Funny Gifts for the Naughty Mum

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