7 Recipes to Make Ahead and Freeze for LaterPlus some freezing FAQs! Laters, Baby!

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I’m way too lazy to cook every night. Who has time for that with two kids, two dogs, two fish and working full time!

Nope, don’t like cooking every night, never have, never will. I’m a huge fan of cooking in bulk and freezing for later so that even my goldfish can take a meal out of the freezer and have it on the dinner table in under 15 minutes.

So today I thought I’d share with you all my favourite meals to freeze. The meals I eat regularly at my house.. and that my kids love!

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti Bolognaise is the first thing I learned how to freeze and it is the sort of food that is BETTER once it has been frozen. Seriously!

Bulk Spaghetti Bolgonaise | Stay at Home Mum

Why it freezes well:

It is almost soup like – nice and thick and hearty.  And it contains beef which also freezes really well.

How long can I freeze it for?

Spaghetti Bolognaise pre-made can freeze for up to 12 months!

How should I freeze it?

Place a family-sized serving (I usually allow 2/3 cup of mixture per family member) into a zip lock bag.  Allow it to cool and lay it on it’s side so it is nice and flat. Write the date on the outside and freeze on a flat surface. I use cardboard as the bottom of my freezer had little divits. Then you can stack them upright!


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Homemade Sausage Rolls

Homemade Sausage Rolls | Stay at Home Mum

How long can I freeze Homemade Sausage Rolls for?

Cooked homemade sausage rolls can be frozen for up to six months.  Although they are made of red meat which can usually be frozen for up to twelve months, you are involving pastry, which isn’t a fan of a year-long stint in the cryogenic chamber.

How Do I Freeze Them?

If you are freezing them frozen, place a few of them on a piece of cardboard that is covered in baking paper.  Then double wrap in plastic wrap so there isn’t any air in there.  Label and place in the freezer somewhere where they won’t get crushed like with your breads and cakes.

If you are freezing sausage rolls cooked (which I highly recommend!), then individually wrap each cooked and cooled sausage roll in plastic wrap, then label with a sharpie.  That way you can just grab one out whenever you like, heat and serve.  You can even microwave them!

Sand Cake

Sand Cake | Stay at Home Mum

What? You Can Freeze Cake?

You bloody betcha you can!  And this cake in particular freezes really really well!  So you can make loads of them, and have a fresh cake all the time without the hassle of baking!

How Long Can I Freeze Sand Cake For?

If wrapped really well, up to four months.  But I do recommend two… to be on the safe side.

How Do I Freeze a Cake?

Cakes, like boobs, need support.  Grab any old piece of hard cardboard and cut out a circle that your cake can sit on.  Place your cooled cake on the cardboard, and wrap it really well with plastic wrap.  Then do it again.  Mark with a pen and place in the freezer in a safe spot where it won’t get knocked… until it is frozen at least!

You Can Freeze Our Balls!

Seven Recipes to Make Ahead and Freeze for Later | Stay At Home Mum

You can enjoy our squishy balls all year round – because they freeze Bew-tea-fully!!!!!

How Long Can I Freeze Balls for?

Usually about two months is tops!  But they won’t last that long!

How do I freeze balls?

Once you have made the balls, place them on a baking tray and pop in the freezer to harden.  Once they are hard (oh hard and balls in the same sentence, bliss!) – pop them all zip lock bag.  You can just take them out as you need them!  Easy peasy!


Corn Fritters

Seven Recipes to Make Ahead and Freeze for Later | Stay At Home Mum

Well any fritters really. Zucchini, Corned Beef Fritters (nom nom nom), they all freeze well – and you freeze them all the same way!

How Long Can I Freeze Corn Fritters For?

Only about two months tops. As they have a ‘cake like’ texture, they don’t like long stints in the freezer.

How do I freeze corn fritters?

Allow the fritters to cool to room temperature.  Stack them one on top of each other with a small piece of baking paper between them to stop them sticking (like when you buy pre-made hamburgers at the shops), them carefully pop the stack into a ziplock bag.

Corn Fritters are great for Toddlers, a quick hot breakfast in the morning, or a healthy snack!


Seven Recipes to Make Ahead and Freeze for Later | Stay At Home Mum

You Can’t Freeze Sandwiches..

Yes, yes you can.  BUT (and there is a BUT), there are certain ingredients that don’t freeze well.  Take a look at our ‘Guide on Freezing Sandwiches‘ for a list of dos and don’ts.

How Long Can You Freeze Sandwiches for?

Only up to two weeks.  The secret is very fresh ingredients, and good wrapping.  Personally, I make all my school lunches on Sunday night for the week ahead – saves me heaps of time!

How do you Freeze them?

Just wrap your sangas like you would normally wrap a school lunch with plastic wrap.  They key to keeping the sandwiches fresh is to get all the air out – otherwise the bread will go stale very fast.  This method is great for the Summer months when it is hard to keep food cool!


Pizza Muffins | Stay at Home Mum

Perfect for School Lunches!

Yep, muffins freeze really well.  I actually like to use all my leftovers and throw it into a muffin much like these delicious Pizza Muffins above.  But even sweet muffins can be frozen.  Hint: Get one of those really tiny muffin tins – they are great for toddlers and smaller kids!

How Long Can I Freeze Muffins For?

Again, cake like – so two months!

How Do I Freeze Them?

Well this actually depends on the size of the muffin.  if you use the tiny little muffin trays, then freeze them like you freeze the balls (look above), but if you make standard size muffins, you are better off putting them on a piece of cardboard and double wrapping. Which is a lot of hassle and all.

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You’re welcome!

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