10 Epic Christmas Gifts for Your DogYour Furbaby deserves a Christmas Present Too!

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10 Epic Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

I always put a few little gifts under the Christmas Tree for my dogs every Christmas. They give me so much joy throughout the year, they always make you feel so good when you feel sad… and they have such a positive mood… I just love them.

I’ve been saving up a heap of ideas on gifts, some are way out of reach (ie the dog mansions) – but it is still cute to shop for my dogs!

A Life Jacket

Ready for summer? Your dog says he/she is soo ready, too! Let them enjoy the beach with their very own life jacket.

In case you don’t know, life jackets for dogs are different than those for people. Although they do basically the same job of keeping them afloat, they work so that they can help the dog remain in the “doggy paddle” position. They also have a convenient handle on the back so you can pull your dog up and out of the water. How cool is that?

Buy it here!


Life Jacket | Stay At Home Mum


iFetch Frenzy Interactive Pet Toy

Perfect for: Smaller dogs that live in units or apartments

If your dog LOVES to have the ball thrown and never gets sick of it – then you NEED one of these.

It is gravity driven so you don’t need to worry about putting new batteries in.

How it works is that your dog puts the ball in the top – gravity pulls the ball down to one of three exits down the bottom – and then the dog chases the ball.  Because the ball doesn’t run that far away – it is great for small dogs or dogs that live in apartments.

Buy it at Catch!

iFetch Frenzy Interactive Pet Toy | Stay At Home Mum
via petco.com


But if Your Dog is bigger – you will want a….

iFetch Interaction Dog Ball LAUNCHER

Perfect for medium to large dogs with a yard

Your dog can play fetch all day with this cool ball launcher.  You can set it to go a distance of 3, 7 or 12 metres (or a random combination).  Lasts up to 300 ‘launches’ before you will need to change the batteries.

Buy it at Catch!

iFetch Interaction Dog Ball LAUNCHER | Stay At Home Mum


Customized Dog Socks with Your Dog’s Face on Them

Perfect for the dog with a big personality

Get custom socks with your very own fur babies face on them! They make the perfect gift for anyone who loves their dog! Perfect for any holiday, birthday, or anniversary! Handmade by local part time moms in Portland, Oregon every pair is made to order. Select your size and color and simply message me the photo once you purchase! I will crop your doggos face out and then print them on your selected color!

Grab them from Etsy

Customized Dog Socks with Your Dog's Face on Them | Stay At Home Mum
via etsy.com

A Dog Mansion

Perfect for the upmarket fancy dog

Clear lines, puristic colours, and glass cladding. The spacious Cubix offers lots of light and room for small and big dogs. The apparently free floating roof is a special highlight. Particularly functional: The built in water drain on the roof and the cleaning lids at the back of the house.

The materials used by Best Friend’s HOME are not only optical and haptic unique experience but also tough and durable. Premium varnished wood and break-proof window glass makes the doghouses resistant against all types of weather conditions. Each dog house is engraved with a serial number and delivered with a certificate.

Grab it from Yellow Octopus

A Dog Mansion | Stay At Home Mum
via yellowoctopus.com.au

A Heated Dog Bed

Perfect for Spoilt Small to Medium-Sized Indoor Dogs

The Snooza Buddy Bed Chinchilla is your dog’s dream bed come true. It’s not just comfortable but durable and will last through the years. It’s super cosy, made with two-tone fabric on the outside and faux fur in the inside. The removable covers also make it easy to wash and clean.

Grab it from Pet House Superstore!



A Heated Dog Bed | Stay At Home Mum

Puppy Pyjamas

Perfect for any size dog!

Your dog will be the bee’s knee’s with these soft beautiful puppy pj’s.  Made from super comfortable velour which is non-allergenic and fully machine washable, FuzzYard Sleepy Time Dog Pyjamas features an adorable milk and cookies pattern to get your dog into the sleepy mood. They are super easy to put on and take off thanks to the press-stud closure. FuzzYard Sleepy Time Dog Pyjamas are available in 7 sizes so your can find the perfect fitting pj’s for your pooch. Available in 7 sizes,

Grab a pair from Pet House Superstore

Puppy Pyjamas | Stay At Home Mum
via pethouse.com.au

Pink Princess Bed

Perfect for small lap dogs

This lounger-bed was made with love for your pet. Made from very soft fabric. Your dog will feel very comfortable. All materials are eco-friendly. The pillow can be embroidered with the name of your pet. Dome in the rug is removed. Cover can be removed. It can be washed. The actual colors may vary slightly from the image on the display. Other colors and fabrics available.

Grab it from Etsy

Pink Princess Bed | Stay At Home Mum
via etsy.com


Dog Carrier Tote Bag

Perfect for tiny lap dogs

Made from airy non-overheating material, your tiny dog can be your best fashion accessory when you hit the town!

Grab it from Etsy

Dog Carrier Tote Bag | Stay At Home Mum
via etsy.com


Your Dog Needs a Mid Century Range Dog House

Perfect for the dog that has everything!

The “1118 WOOF RANCH” is approx 44″ wide by 72″ long and is made to order. The low-pitched roof + eaves allows for a shaded interior while providing passive ventilation for the pup to stay cool. The roof is comprised of expressed beams and eaves with cedar shingles from end to end. As an aesthetic feature for the owner, a custom planter box is situated below the extended eaves to allow for water run off to water and hydrate the planting below. It has both indoor and outdoor comforts for the dog by means of a deck. The deck extends inside to create a cozy retreat for the dog to cuddle up on the cool artificial turf while also allowing it to soak in some rays on his personal deck.

The internal part of the dog retreat contains a window or portal for the dog to be able to keep track of what going on both inside and outside of his retreat. Too many details to list. The house is made to order and the typical build time is 6 weeks.

Grab it from Etsy

Your Dog Needs a Mid Century Range Dog House | Stay At Home Mum
via etsy.com

Custom Pet Portrait

Perfect for any pampered pooch!

Make your pet a piece of art by getting their photo turned into a customized pet portrait!

Grab it from Etsy

Custom Pet Portrait | Stay At Home Mum
via etsy.com

Are you going to buy your pampered pooch a gift for under the Christmas Tree this year??

10 Epic Christmas Gifts for Your Dog | Stay at Home Mum