15 Tips for Perfect Email Etiquette – And What NOT to do!

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15 Tips for Perfect Email Etiquette – And What NOT to do!

Oh Hey Darl? Grrrrrrr. When it comes to Email Etiquette, there are quite a few no no’s when it comes to being professional with people you have never met.

And OMG ! I swear some people have absolutely no idea how to string an email together in a polite, courteous and professional manner.

I mean, what’s with the emails saying “Thanks Babe!” or “How’s your day love?” Ummm I am not your babe, honey, duck, dear or your “love”, and I am definitely not a SIR, so just stop that right now.

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Here are our 15 Tips for Perfect Email Etiquette – and of course – what NOT to do when it comes to hitting SEND!

In the Stay at Home Mum office, some of our staff have even received so-called “professional emails” full of emojis.


Don’t assume we are best friends either. You don’t get to shorten my name on the first encounter. That’s for special friends only. Keep it professional. Refer to me as my name reads in my email signature thank you very much. (LOL now I sound like a Karen.) I think there is a fine line here tbh but you really can’t cross it on your first contact with someone.

Here are a few tips to help you draft that next email without sounding like a total noob.

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What NOT to do When it Comes to Email Etiquette

  • Don’t be too friendly. Drop the honey, love and babe stuff.
  • Don’t include emojis or gifs.
  • No slang. No LOL!
  • Watch your language – no swear words, please!
  • Don’t spam!
  • Don’t constantly reply with “just following up” leave a reasonable time between 2nd and 3rd emails.
  • Make sure you know your market/target audience.
  • NEVER give out your contact list to anyone else.
  • Don’t sign off with a x (I’m not your loved one)
  • Don’t use an inappropriate email address and expect to come across as professional. (NO [email protected], or for that matter no HOTMAIL addresses!)
15 Tips for Perfect Email Etiquette: And What NOT to do!

Tips on Professional Email Writing

  • Keep your tone professional
  • Avoid vague subject lines – Keep your subject lines descriptive and short
  • Use proper email punctuation
  • Practice good grammar (get Grammarly – so you don’t need to learn grammar!)
  • Resist adding emojis in email
  • Triple-check your recipient’s name
  • If unsure of contact address your email as, “To Whom It May Concern” or just add a simple “Good Morning/Afternoon”
  • Consider your email’s tone – don’t shout! (no CAPLOCKS)
  • Always use standard fonts and formatting
  • Use Bcc appropriately
  • Use ‘Reply all’ sparingly – For the love of god, please! You don’t always have to “reply all” on every email.
  • Think before forwarding
  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Don’t add ‘Sent from my phone’
  • Proofread, proofread, and proofread again!
  • Write your email before entering the recipient email address – that way you avoid accidentally sending before you were ready
  • NEVER send a knee jerk email out of anger or frustration. Draft it, walk away, breathe for 30-45 mins (even 24hrs sometimes!) then proofread and reply in a calmer manner.

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We Share Some Email Pet Hates

Brendan: “People that spell my name wrong shit me up the wall”.

Nikki: “Inappropriate terms of endearment, emoji’s, haha, lol, rolf, And an x to sign off – gah!”

Kelly: “Not necessarily an email gripe, but make sure your email address is also appropriate, not one you created as a 19-year-old drunken party animal. You won’t get as much respect as you want it prospective clients have to contact you at [email protected]

Jody: “Any email that starts with ‘Hello Dear’ – makes me want to punch the computer in the nads”

Caroline: “I hate it when they can’t even spell my name properly.”

Andrew: “People replying to old emails without changing the subject line” .au 1 | Stay at Home

Don’t Use Passive Aggressive Jargon

There are a heap of passive aggressive wording that you should try and avoid in emails – they include:

“To put it more simply…” (That means are you seriously THAT stupid!)

“Not sure if you got my last email” (How long do you think you can ignore me for?)

“As per our earlier conversation on the matter” (You didn’t bother reading my last email did you!)

“In case you missed it” (You didn’t read my last email and are now wasting my time!)

“All the best” (This conversation is over, please never contact me again.”)

What is the worst email you have ever received?

15 Tips for Perfect Email Etiquette: And What NOT to do! | Stay at Home Mum

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