60+ Disney Princess Tattoo Ideas That Will Thrill Your Inner Child

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60+ Disney Princess Tattoo Ideas That Will Thrill Your Inner Child

These Disney Princess Tattoo Ideas will thrill the child in you who loves the magic brought by fairy tales and happily ever afters.

Seriously, is there anyone out there who doesn’t have a favourite Disney princess?
These tattoo ideas will make a sweet statement and will remind you of that little girl who swooned at every scene and even sang along with every song!

Scroll down below and get some Disney Princess tattoo inspiration!

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Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Who doesn’t love Belle in Beauty and the Beast? She loves books and loves spending time alone just daydreaming. These adorable Belle themed Disney Princess Tattoo Ideas are just darling!



Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!
If this doesn’t ring a bell and remind you of your childhood days, then you can’t sit with us. Just kidding! Rapunzel is the most curious one out of all the Disney princesses. She’s determined and fun-loving!


My personal favourite Disney Princess of all time! Even if you didn’t love Ariel, you would have sang along with the songs in The Little Mermaid. Part of This World, Under The Sea and Kiss The Girl… MY TOP 3 FAVE SONGS FROM THE MOVIE!

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This Disney Princess is what every empowered woman’s model. Tiana will never stop at anything just to reach her dreams. She’s gonna keep working hard till she’ll achieve her goals. YAAAS WOMAN!


The younger generation just loves Moana. Can’t blame them though. Moana reminds me of Ariel of The Little Mermaid. The movie is just fascinating and the songs are really good, too! Moana… make way! Make way!


Cinderella is pretty iconic fairytale character and one of our favourite princesses. It is probably what made women love the ball gown style. And.. who doesn’t know about Cinderella and the glass slipper?

Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora’s story is quite sad in my opinion. I mean, I love sleep but her sleeping went on pretty long! Lol. She missed a lot of good stuff while she was sleeping the years away. But she had her fairy friends so I think it wasn’t that bad.


Merida is the most feisty one out of the bunch and I can relate to her in some ways. Especially with all that crazy hair.


One of the best movies at teaching morals and lessons, Pocahontas is an interesting Disney Princess and would teach you a lot about nature.

Princess Jasmine

If you are a fan of the movie Aladdin and loved Princess Jasmine, then you will like the tattoo ideas we gathered below. It’s going to be A Whole New World!


Another one of my favourite Disney Princesses! She’s quite brave and cool. Her story was fun, touching and interesting as Mulan goes against her family’s will and defies the orders of her tradition-bound society. Ohh and the songs were super awesome in Mulan 1 and 2 as well!

Snow White

How awesome it is to have animal friends and dwarf who help you with all the household chores! If there’s one Disney Princess that I am jealous of, it’s Snow White! I don’t blame her for falling for the poisonous apple though. I mean, that’s FREE FOOD… who wouldn’t love that?

Which one of these tattoos will you be getting for your next tattoo session?

Disney Princess Tattoo Ideas That Will Thrill Your Inner Child | Stay At Home Mum

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