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Velvet Vault: I'm Having a Party

Velvet Vault: I’m Having a Party

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Velvet Vault: I’m Having a Party

“I’m having a party” says your girlfriend.

Instantly those thoughts of ‘what’s the cheapest item will I be able to buy?’ pops into your mind. Is it going to be linen or Tupperware? Not that there’s anything wrong with those parties, it’d just be nice to go to a party and not feel compelled to buy something useless. Anyway turns out this party wasn’t selling anything, just a night of hanging out with friends. Who doesn’t like hanging out with your girlfriends, those chicks are your sanity, right? The group of besties where it doesn’t matter if you rock up in your trackie dacks; no judgment there.

Then comes the twist! ‘We are going to play some games!’ I know, I’m 37, not ten, but after our last get together I have been given the crown of party master! You can learn so much about your friends playing games and even more so when the wine flows freely.

So the first game we played was Pass the Parcel. Yes we still all averaged our thirties at this party and, like the children’s version, everyone got a turn to unwrap the parcel. But instead of a freddo frog falling out when we ripped into the paper, out dropped a challenge. One friend got ‘give the girl to your right a lap dance’, another had to draw a face on the person to the lefts stomach with lipstick while holding it between their lips. And of course, like every game, there has to be a winner and we had a main present at the end. I will admit we set up who would win because the prize was an oversized realistic vein dildo and her reaction, we knew, would be priceless!

Another great game was Marry, Shag and Kiss, slightly adapted from the TV show Gavin and Stacey. I made up a jar full of male and female celebrity names. Now you take it in turns to pull out three names. You then have to tell the group which one you would marry (which is forever), which one you would shag (one night of pure hard core sex) and third Kiss (and it’s only a kiss). What an insight to your friend’s tastes and choices as they have to say why. When faced with names such as Tony Abbott, Channing Tatum, PINK, Kochie, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie whoever you want. Ends up in giggles

We also played the classic teenage Truth or Dare. This time everyone had to write down two truths and a one dare. Kind of figured most of us was past the dare stage in life and it worked well because we were all were comfortable with each other. So each of us would pull out either a truth or a dare from the jar. You would read out the truth, then everyone would guess who it was. Brilliant because it ranged from someone having an obsession with frogs to their favourite sex position. The dares ranging from a shot of drink to doing a crab on the grass. Which that person mastered so well if I can just add that!

There are loads of games out there, even things like pass the orange gets a good laugh, or have a look at adopting some of the minute to win games. As long as you have a good group of people who are willing to join in, you will, I promise, have plenty of laughs and probably a few sore heads. I can’t wait to try out my next lot of games on the girls!

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